15 Things to Let go of Now: Kitchen Edition

15 Things to Let go of now: Kitchen Edition.

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Decluttering your kitchen might seem like a chore, but the quickest way to calm the chaos is to kick that clutter to the curb. Start with 15 Things to Let go of Now: Kitchen Edition. How do you keep your family heathly? How do you keep them nourished? Filling you home and their body with junk won’t serve anyone, so let’s clean out those cupboards and kickstart your calm.

Start by discarding items that are not in line with your current health, wellness and lifestyle goals. It’s easy to let things like junk mail, packages, and random clutter consume countertops and fill junk drawer. Ready for a reset?

Here are 15 things to let go of now: kitchen edition.

  1. Expired foods and spices

  2. Foods misaligned with your current diet

  3. Toxic and expired cleaning supplies

  4. Mismatched/no lid food storage containers

  5. Appliances, dishes, and tools that are broken or missing parts

  6. Gimmiky gadgets and impulse buys

  7. Dud duplicates

  8. Reusable bag overflow

  9. Outdated cookbooks and recipe cards

  10. Unused china/crystal or your mother-in law’s fish plates

  11. Toxic chemicals-releasing cookware such as Teflon

  12. Expired coupons, old receipts, menus and manuals you can find online

  13. Junk drawer overflow: excess rubber bands, twist ties, corks, caps and packaged condiments

  14. Single-use disposables such as paper plates and plastic utensils

  15. Overthinking

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