Take the test below as an exercise in understanding how you work and live at home. What is your clutter capacity and what is the clutter capacity of those you live with?
This awareness will help you communicate your needs to your family, make better judgments about what help you will need, and shed some light on the differences that keep you feeling at odds.

Clutter Capacity Quiz

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When I walk in the front door: 

A. A clean house gives me an incredible sense of ease and calm. 

B. My neat piles make me feel like everything’s okay. 

C. I’m just happy to be home, whether it’s squeaky clean or covered in clutter. 

This best describes how I operate in my house:

A. I gravitate toward meticulously curated spaces.

B. I like a clean house, but I am okay with neat piles.

C. Too many systems make me anxious.

I’m moving into a new house in a month: 

A. I started decluttering a month ago, and I’m almost halfway packed. 

B. I’ve thought about the organizing I plan to do before the movers come. 

C. Let’s make it easy and throw everything in a box.

When guests are coming over: 

A. I always arrange for the housekeeper to come clean first (you may be the housekeeper). 

B. I can’t wait to connect with friends and just throw my mess in a closet before they arrive. 

C. I am watching TV until they ring the bell. 

My feelings about cleaning are: 

A. I love it. It’s cathartic. I’m a clean-as-you-go type. 

B. With the right playlist and a glass of wine, I can get it done. 

C. A little dirt and clutter never hurt anyone. 

How did you score?

You are a Type A person and tidying up is your love language. You thrive in an environment that is clean, orderly, and systematic and get anxious when your organizational systems fall apart. It’s important to understand this about yourself and explain your clutter personality type to the people you live with. Unless you live with other Golds, your home will never be exactly what you’d love it to be. So, consider getting extra help from outside the house, outsource and delegate tasks so you don’t end up taking on too much or ending up resentful. You’ll likely own the organizational management so start thinking like a boss (not to be confused with bossy). You’ll benefit from an organizer who can help you maintain your space when you don’t have time to do what you’d probably do if you did. 

Mostly As - Gold

You prefer an environment that is tidy and systematic but you’re okay with “good enough.” While relaxing on the couch, you’re probably thinking about the clutter you shoved in the closet. Conflict will likely arise when you live with other silvers because you’ll likely disagree about what you should focus on. You may have a gold inside you somewhere, but you identify with the unrestricted freedoms of a bronze. You are more flexible than most and can adapt to most environments. You’ll benefit most from getting help from an organizer so you can lean into what’s most important and not waste your energy controlling your environment. 

Mostly Bs - Silver

You like to spread out and you’re unfazed when things are scattered. You can step over a mess for weeks before it even catches your eye. You probably didn’t even buy this book, but you took this quiz because a Gold or Silver you live with forced you to. Allocate a space in the house where you can spread out and be yourself. You don’t have to color-code your clothes, because off the floor may just do the trick. You are not likely to follow all the steps in the book because organization is simply not a priority for you. You’ll need more maintenance than a silver or gold. Too much order may stifle your creativity, but some basic systemization may be just what the doctor ordered, especially if you share your home with others. 

Mostly Cs - Bronze