STEP 1: Using our signature decluttering method, we help you sort through unsightly piles, overflowing cabinets, and no system spaces.

By identifying what you use and what you love in your home, we’ll help you learn how to process clutter. We’ll walk you through owning what you own, and guide you through the decision making process with the momentum necessary for transformation.

  • We come to you and work one-on-one to declutter and organize your room
  • We arrive with the game plan and all the necessary decluttering tools
  • We guide you through the process and ask you targeted questions
  • We haul away “clutter"
  • You experience clarity and calm







STEP 2: Once we've cleared the clutter, we’ll help you streamline and maximize your space with systems, and pro approved products.

For space efficiency and lifestyle enhancement, we will create a plan, do the research, and implement our expertise.

By identifying the simple tools and systems to make your room operate efficiently, we will help you create a space that’s fluid, functional and easy to maintain.

  • We measure your space during your first session
  • We identify what new systems and tools will make it operate most efficiently
  • We provide a list of products that will bring your vision to life
  • We offer shopping, set up and install of your new optimized systems
  • You take back control of your home







STEP 3: Lastly, we enhance your new organizational systems with our styling service.

Our experts style the space to feature the items you love, with emphasis on balance and calm, and to reflect your unique taste. We use simple styling solutions that marry form and function, and we look for innovative ways to use what you already own.

We come to play with your needs, likes and story in mind, and together, we create a space that’s a true reflection of you.

  • We identify what you own and love
  • We modify your space to reflect how you’d like it to look
  • We provide you with a mood board, space plan, and additional product suggestions
  • Finally, we shop, set up and style your space
  • Your creativity and connection is stimulated









Photo Organizing

Our partner photo organizers specialize in taking no system photo collections and transforming them into easy-to-navigate, protected photo archives. Preserve your stories & memories for generations to come. Simply Spaced offers full-service project management in tandem with our preferred partners.

Photo organizing services include: Printed Photo Systems, Digital Photo Systems, Photos scanning, Film Development, Photo Restoration, Negative, slide, film, VHS and audio tape transfer, Digital Photo backups and archiving, Merging systems, Photo Book & Card Creation.

Digital Organizing

Our digital organizing partners solve your device dilemmas by creating custom organizing plans that reduce digital clutter, easy-to-follow maintenance systems, and improved productivity.

Get your digital life in order with the following services: Documents & Desktop organization, Photo archive management, Email decluttering and organization, Contacts, calendars, apps, and password optimization, Backup + Cloud Storage, Going Digital, Workflow optimization. 

Emergency Prep

We believe that there is nothing more important than the safety of our families and children. It is a daunting task and many of us don’t know where to start. Our emergency prep experts guide you through an approachable, step-by-step plan for getting your home and family prepared for any emergency, earthquake or natural disaster. Services include:

Consultation + Educational full home walk-through with custom Emergency Evacuation Plan & binder, Emergency Supplies, food & water storage system, Evaluation of current supplies, Delivery + Install of made to order, emergency kits & supplies for car and home.


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