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Simply Spaced the Book

Simply Spaced is your step-by-step guide for clearing clutter and styling a beautiful home that aligns with your passion and purpose. Broken into projects by room, across a “year of clear,” the 3-step method inside will dispel the myth that you can’t learn to be organized. Simply Spaced will teach you to think like a professional organizer. Learn to Simplify like a pro by implementing the failsafe method to declutter any space keeping only what you love, need and use. Streamline your home and take back control by optimizing space with strategic storage. And finally, Style your home to inspire creativity and connection.





A Look Inside

Simply Spaced will reshape how you think about your home and belongings. Monica’s practical tips make getting organized desirable, achievable and sustainable. She’s made this all possible through a belief that simplicity and order create the mental and physical space we all need to thrive. Complete with checklists and tear-out worksheets, Monica shares her best advice on how to create a home that “rises up to meet you.” Each chapter includes 5 clutter culprits, plus 5 pro tips to combat clutter, 15 things to let go of now, and style tips for every room. From kitchens and closets to kids’ spaces and storage, Monica will inspire you to conquer one room at a time, overcoming overwhelm and organizing it all.

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The Author

Monica Leed is a Los Angeles based professional organizer, entrepreneur, CEO, and owner of Simply Spaced, LLC. Through her background in art direction for film, Monica cultivated her interest in efficient space design, time management, and the power of organizational systems. She began organizing and connecting with clients in 2012, co-founding Simply Spaced, an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces. With a full roster of celebrity and high profile clients, Simply Spaced is one of the most sought after organizing companies in Los Angeles. Monica believes everyone can live in a beautiful, joyful home that inspires creativity, calm and purpose, regardless of size. She believes we can all learn to think like an organizer by adopting the simple tools and tricks of the pros. By applying organizational principles and hacks to her own life, she's become passionate about enabling transformation in the lives of others by creating space for what truly matters.

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We all went bananas decluttering with Marie Kondo, now we want to learn how to optimize space and curate a home that supports our best life. The Simply Spaced book will help you take back control with our three step method to not only simplify, but streamline your home in style. Click below to enter your details to download our 11 Clutter-Free Product Guides to jumpstart your journey.


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