Photo Organizing: 15 Things to Let Go of Now



Man, who’s that chubby kiddo on the tire swing? Oh wait, that’s me. And yes, that’s also my photo collection, friends. Is anyone else taking a trip down memory lane of late? With all the craziness in the world right now, I’ve become super clear about what’s most important, and friends and family memories top the list.

I know, I’m old school. Millenials be like, printed photo collection? But friends, I love my printed photos as much as I love old records and rainbow glass, my Trapper Keeper, and my box of notes from high school. These are the last remnants of my favorite memories and there’s just something special about those memories. But the endless piles, nonsensical bins, and old school albums met their match in this pro organizer.

Although my printed collection was organized several years ago, I recently inherited a few more boxes from a family member and I can’t wait to get them into my spanking new archival boxes. Yellowed albums and sticky garage photos no more!

This month we’re celebrating memories and all things photo organizing, so follow along all month. And since inquiring minds want to know, we’ve launched these archival photo boxes in our shop! Follow along with the aid of my book or this post to guide your photo organizing journey. To get you started, here are 15 things to let go of now:

15 Things to Let Go of Now: Photo Organizing Edition

  1. Duplicates

  2. Bad or blurry photos

  3. Similar photos

  4. Unflattering photos

  5. Yellowing albums (non-acid-free)

  6. Mismatched albums and containers

  7. Envelopes

  8. Photos of people you don’t know

  9. Bad memory photos

  10. Redundant locations

  11. Unidentifiable scenery photos

  12. Unused film

  13. Old cameras you won’t use

  14. Negatives that have been scanned or developed

  15. Excuses


Simply-Spaced-15-things-to-let-go-of-photos-3 Simply-Spaced-15-Things-To-Let-Go-Of-Now-photo-boxes-4 Simply-Spaced-15-Things-To-Let-Go-Of-Now-photo-boxes-5



For more photo and archival goodies, check out the Simply Spaced Shop and Favorite Photo products in our Amazon shop, and don’t forget to grab a copy of my book with a special chapter on photo organization.




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