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I’m so glad you’re here! 

For years, I’ve helped high performers create space for what truly matters.

After countless hours working with CEOs, celebrities, creative minds and industry leaders, I’m finally sharing all the tips, tricks, life hacks and lifestyle lessons I've learned along the way.

I want to impart all the knowledge I've gleaned over a decade, because I am a firm believer that anyone can live in a beautiful and joyful home, regardless of it's size.

This page is your guide to getting started in the Simply Spaced community, beginning with my signature 3-Step Method, which you can apply to any space in your home.

With a little bit of mindset, some tried and true tools, and a dash of magic, falling in love with your home is possible.

I’m also excited to share more about my own ongoing journey  to live deeply into my purpose, by aligning my inner and outer worlds. 

I'd love to be by your side on your journey to leaning in. If you’re craving creativity, calm, and purpose in your life, then I say, welcome home.

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Clear The Clutter &
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The first step to combatting overwhelm at home is learning your Clutter Capacity. My quick and fun quiz will help you understand yourself and the people you live with, by shedding some light on the differences that keep you feeling at odds. Knowledge is power and provides an opportunity to create more peace at home.

So are you a gold, silver, or bronze? How about someone that you live with? 


Learn your Clutter Capacity



Sometimes people get overwhelmed and daunted by getting organized at home. I like to encourage you to start at the end. Envision the end result: how do you want your home to look and feel? How can your home rise up to meet you?

Have you ever defined your personal style or wondered where to shop to find the things you love?

Gaining clarity around your tastes and preferences allows you to intentionally create a home you love. I’m here to help you Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life! 


What's your Style?


The Simply Spaced 3-step method will help you create a home you LOVE. From superstars and CEOs to your neighbor next door, my simple method tracks. It’s not just about getting rid of stuff, it’s about creating a home that’s a reflection of you.

The Simply Spaced method will take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

Learn the Method

Armed with your Sharpies and Post-it notes, we always start with decluttering! Keep only what you love, need and use.


Next, you’ll create systems that last by optimizing and streamlining your space — so you can get (and stay) organized.


Everything comes together in a beautiful, personalized way so you can love your unique home.


More Details

The Method


Now that I’ve introduced the method, there’s nothing like having my entire process in your hands while you’re getting your home in order. My book is the next best thing to having me there beside you, rolling up my sleeves and cheering you on!

Simply Spaced, the book, walks you through the most common spaces and categories in a typical home. Readers tell me they loved filling in the worksheets and following along as they moved through the rooms of their house. I’m so proud to continuously hear that my book has inspired lasting change.

You can find the book at your favorite retailer or purchase it online now.

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Buy the Book

A well-thought-out, easily applicable guide to organizing your home like a pro.  

Monica (a sought-after pro organizer with a knack for mindfulness and passion for sustainability) breaks down how to clear the clutter from your home, mind, and life (answering the question: how do I decide what to let go of?).

Her 3-step method (simplify, streamline, and style) takes any room and transforms it into a peaceful and inspiring space. If you're ready to live your best life, free from distractions, overflow, and crammed spaces/mindsets— invest in this book. It's like getting tailored advice from a professional organizer and life coach for $23 (a. complete. steal).

the book!

"This book is SIMPLY AMAZING."

Monica goes far beyond the stunning photos of organized spaces and really digs deep into the process, mentality, mind-set and emotional aspects of getting organized. This is bigger than purging your pantry and making it look pretty. It’s about how becoming organized changes your life. She is specific and detailed and doesn’t miss a beat. I’m an organizer myself and use this book as my own guide. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! HOME RUN!!!!

"A must-read for anyone who wants to style and streamline their home."

This book is the perfect blend of part inspiration and part practical. As a professional organizer, I appreciate that it equips homeowners with how and where to start and then walks them through the entire process. The worksheets and tips are gold! This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to style and streamline their home.