Kitchen Cleanout for the Holidays with Jaime King x Popchips

Declutter and organize your kitchen in style: Simply Spaced and Jaime King kitchen makeover

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Be honest, how many of you are throwing out last year’s Halloween candy rn? Does anyone else feel simultaneously excited and terrified about the idea of entertaining and all that the holiday prep to come? I for one, love the fall and winter holidays, a solid Thanksgiving dinner, but thinking about the food influx is already giving me heart palpitations. I also just found some moldy bread in my own pantry, so it’s a good time to say out with old and in with the new.

Lucky for me, I am feeling super inspired after our most recent kitchen collab with my girl Jaime King. We partnered with my favorite go-to snack brand Popchips to give her a complete kitchen overhaul just in time for the holidays. Are you ready for a behind-the-scenes look at what we did to declutter and organize LA style?

Identify the why

When I met with Jaime for the first time, we talked a lot about creating intentional change in her home. She wanted to look at the home as a whole and identify the areas that haven’t been serving her. Taking a holistic look at her space, we decided to start in the kitchen. I really do consider it the heart of the home.  Jaime has also been working with the lovely and amazing Gabrielle Santiago on a revamp and renovation, so we wanted to make sure we were intentional about organizing the space to accommodate a new design and her very busy lifestyle. That means easy access and a well-edited pantry, stocked with essentials.

Jaime and her husband Kyle wanted a kitchen and pantry that is clutter-free, with a home for everything.

They wanted sustainable systems and a more polished, streamlined look with products that represent the home as a whole. We identified materials that they like to touch and feel like natural bamboo, and ceramic and then got to work.

Simplify: Declutter and organize 

Getting organized with the Simply Spaced team and Jaime King

When I first came over to meet Jaime, I came team and kit in tow, ready to work a start decluttering her space. I had no idea, that halfway through we’d be streamlining our process live, but I was totally game! We talked through the process of pulling everything out, grouping like with like, and get real about every item.

Jaime got opened up about why she was keeping things and was very receptive to letting go of the things she no longer loved, needed or used.

We identified ways she was holding on to things far longer than she needed to. We both agreed that having a buddy walk you through the process makes it so much easier. If the process seems intimidating, don’t be afraid to get help or phone a friend. We donated over 5 bags of unused appliances, utensils and knick nacks and tossed countless expired items. We donated mismatched and broken items in preparation for the new. Letting go of that stagnant energy was cathartic for us both.

Streamline: Optimize space

Declutter and organize your kitchen in style with the Simply Spaced 3 step method: Simplify, Streamline, Style.

Once everything was out and decluttered, we mapped out the space based on the categories of food and items she wanted to keep. Using our tried and true Post-it method, we created zones to give a home to everything. To maximize space, we measured where optimal storage would come in handy.

Jaime and I talked a lot about sustainability and long term solutions. We didn’t want to replace items with things that will wear out in just a few years. I opted for as little plastic as possible and organized with bamboo, glass and natural materials wherever possible.

I love the mixed materials look we were able to achieve that pairs so beautifully with the new cabinets and dishes.

For links to the product used in this kitchen, check out our shop page here. Kitchen storage VIPS: Oversized lazy susans for inaccessible deep space, plus open baskets and glass jars in various shapes and sizes.

Declutter and organize your kitchen in style with the right product solutions.

Style: Personalize and beautify

Choosing the right product is certainly a big part of the styling, but sometimes it takes a little trial and error. It’s okay to buy a few options and play around with the layout of your space.

If form and function are important to you try laying out your storage containers before you fill everything up to get a sense of the space, the look you want and the way the parts will come together.

Do you like labels or a clean, organic look? Perhaps a combination of the two? We put the finishing touches on the pantry with a handwritten variety. We’ll have more to share in just a few weeks. Who’s ready for a snack?

Jaime King x Simply Spaced Pantry

Simply Spaced x Jaime King x Popchips

Many thanks to our partner Popchips and to Jaime and Kyle for letting us into their beautiful home. I know we will all have much to be grateful for this holiday season, including a clutter-free kitchen!

For more on how to declutter and organize your kitchen in style, and my best tips for projects big and small, check out my new book, Simply Spaced, Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life! 

Declutter and organize your kitchen in style with Simply Spaced, just in time for the holidays.


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