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Shira Gill and Monica Leed.

Happy Closet Organizing Month Friends! Today, I am interviewing a super special friend of mine, Shira Gill, who has been a major influence and champion for Simply Spaced. For the past two years, I have been working with Shira to refine my own closet and get real, real about what I actually love, need and wear. The result has been a minimal closet, centered around quality over quantity and a newfound, hyper refined ability to say no to anything that doesn’t support the life I want to be living.

As a boss, an organizer and an ever-evolving business owner, this kind of yearly maintenance has been key to keeping my closet under control, while making me feel powerful and confident in the clothing I wear. Although, I still love my chucks and ripped jeans uniform (and I will probably sneak back in at least one pair of leggings from my donate pile, shh) working with Shira has helped me turn the method on myself.

Check out my interview as I tap into this brilliant mind and squeeze out what I can to share with you.

Hello, Shira

What is your full name, title, and where are you located?

Shira Gill, Home Organizing Coach + Wardrobe Stylist, San Francisco Bay Area

In your professional opinion, why do you think closet clutter accumulates?

Most people bring new items into their closets without taking the time to evaluate and edit their existing wardrobes. It’s simple math – when you keep adding without subtracting, clutter is inevitable.  In order to maintain a streamlined, curated space, you must balance your retail therapy with an equal amount of thoughtful editing.

Additionally, because closets are tucked away and out of public view, it is common for them to become a catch-all for random items that don’t have a defined home elsewhere.

Finally, closets tend to be spaces that people do not put a lot of time and energy into setting up with care and intention. However, your closet is one of the most impactful spaces to transform because it is where you start and end each day, and your experience getting ready in the morning can set the tone for your whole day, and determine how you show up in the world.

What would you say to someone who struggles with letting go?

Many people find editing challenging because they haven’t clearly defined, and committed to, their current vision and goals. I always suggest focusing on the life you want to live, and the space you want to create, right now. Spend time cultivating an image of your dream closet and wardrobe so you can feel empowered, and excited, to create it.

It’s easy to get focused on what-ifs and scarcity thinking, but it feels so much better to believe that your life will be abundant and that you are resourceful and will always be able to buy (or borrow) the things you truly need.  People can also become fixated on holding onto sentimental objects and artifacts, but if these items are creating clutter, or are shoved into the very back of the closet, I would argue that they aren’t doing anyone any good or being treated with the respect they deserve.

I tell my clients that there is no need to let go of anything they truly love and enjoy wearing, but I coach them towards keeping only items that support their life and elevate their style.

What are the main components of a curated closet?

This is my Curated Closet Manifesto:

  • Edit before organizing – organized clutter is still clutter!
  • Invest in fewer, better things
  • Treat your belongings with care
  • Commit to a little daily maintenance
  • Shop from your own closet
  • Embrace minimalist principles
  • Respect the physical limits of your space
  • Practice the one-in, one-out rule

What is the weirdest thing you’ve found in a closet?

What haven’t I found?! Rock collections, whoopie cushions, litter boxes, family heirlooms, unmentionables, the list goes on and on…

What products or items would you advise adding to every closet?

Uniform hangers are my number one easy closet upgrade. I also love adding stylish baskets for stowing seasonal or occasional items, and simple hooks for hanging unstructured handbags, statement necklaces, and robes. Of course, my top tip for elevating your closet is to create space – space between hangers and spaciousness in your drawers and shelves give clothing room to breathe and create a streamlined, boutique-like aesthetic.

Organized closet with color coded clothes.

.What curated closet tips would you share with the world if you only had three to share?

  • Start with a clean slate. Take literally everything out of your closet. Begin by cleaning every surface, then take the time to evaluate each item, one category at a time, only putting back the pieces that truly deserve to be in your closet.
  • No more “skinny clothes” or “fat clothes.” Embrace the body you have right now and find a style that is a balance between authenticity (who you are now) and aspiration (who you hope to become).
  • Question volume.  Think through each category and be conscious of how many of any particular items you actually need.  Seek the perfect amount for your lifestyle without excess (i.e. if you work out 3 times a week, consider how many workout outfits you’ll need to feel like you have enough.)

What are your top two style tips?

Clothing can be a shorthand for self-expression. Take the time to consider how you want to feel in your clothing and what you want to project to the rest of the world. Dress with these intentions in mind.

Favor timeless over trendy and quality over quantity.  Invest in clothing that’s well-constructed, versatile and timeless. Better to have a handful of killer outfits than a closet crammed with mediocre ones.


Do you have a quote/one-liner that you’d like to share about organizing?

“Action is the antidote to overwhelm and small steps lead to big change.”

I absolutely love this quote. I was actually listening to Tony Robbins yesterday and he said that happiness is all about progress. I think that’s what I have learned working with you.

Thank you, Shira, for sharing today. PS, the cat’s out of the bag, this boss babe is writing a book and I could not be more proud, excited and happy. Let’s send her all the love as she embarks on this journey. In the meantime, be sure to follow Shira on Insta, and check out her blog, to soak up all the best organizational wisdom. For more on Shira’s awesome virtual closet makeover program, check out:



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