The Simply Spaced Mindful Gift Guide

The Simply Spaced Mindful Gift Guide.

One of the best books I read this year was Giftology, by John Ruhlin. In the book, John talks about the power of gifting in business and stretched my mind way outside the box. “Gifts are a symbol of the value you place on the relationship,” John says.

“When you act generously, people take notice. They’ll begin to feel appreciated, and in turn, they’ll want to pay it forward.”

Whether you are in the business of gifting for friends or colleagues, there’s much to be said about considering the other person when buying gifts. What is mindful gifting you ask? I like to describe it as “gifting with the receiver’s mindset in mind.” I know, it’s a little meta, but if you are following along here at Simply Spaced, you know that simplicity and style is the name of the game. We’re all about sharing the simple, curated life.

“It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the thoughtful thought that counts.”

– John Ruhlin

In other words, regifting your unused toaster may not be the best strategy. Let’s not forget what gifting is really all about. According to John, it’s making people feel that they matter. Beyond all the frenzy and shopping, it’s about acknowledging others in a way that shows that you see, appreciate and care for them. Although John doesn’t advocate for holiday gifting and instead suggests that we gift strategically throughout the year, I do plan to send a token of appreciation to those who’ve supported me in 2019. Everything included represents something special to me that I think will bring value, experience or simple joy to the receiver.  I’ve collected my favorite gift ideas in the Simply Spaced Mindful Gift Guide:

1. Mark and Graham Mini Card Case

Reese Witherspoon says, “if it’s not moving, monogram it.” I tend to agree that there’s something really special about a personalized gift. Combine form, function, and simplicity in one and you’ve got a gift for anyone on your list. Who do you know that can use a little wallet makeunder?

2. Stockhome Diffuser

These incredible matte stones emit aroma with just a few drops of essential oil without requiring water or electricity. I love the low waste, high impact idea of this gift. I’m just learning about essential oils myself, but I love the idea of gifting custom oil selections alongside this stone diffuser.

3. Golden Coil 2020 Planner

One of my favorite tools in the world is this customizable planner. It’s basically a dream for those of us who struggle to find the perfect planning tool. It’s a fantastic gift for the organizer on your list, and for anyone who’s ready to take on 2020 like a boss.

4. Instax Photo Printer

I’m not typically big on adding paper to the mix, but after seeing how special it is for kids to hold a photo these days, I have to say, I love this gift. In the digital age, we sometimes forget to print those special moments and the Instax Printer is a great gift for anyone who wants to relish in those special moments with simplicity and ease. I can’t wait to use mine this holiday season.

5. Herbivore Amethyst Body Scrub

What’s better than encouraging a little rest and rejuvenation? The smell of this lux scrub is enough, but if you’ve got anyone on your list who needs to wash away the end-of-year stresses, this is for you.  Rest with this gently exfoliating and purely magical treatment of crushed amethyst gemstone combined with magnesium-rich salt, ultra-hydrating organic virgin coconut oil, and night-blooming jasmine.

6. Moon Juice Brain Dust

Do you know anyone who could use some mental clarity, increased focus, healthy blood flow, and more energy and memory function? This is pretty much everyone on my list.

7. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao Mix

My friend Amanda, a nutritionist and health guru first introduced me to this brand a few years ago. Much to my surprise, this healthy nutrient-dense treat satisfied my sweet tooth. It’s the perfect holiday treat without the calories and crash.

8. Wild Minimalist Stainless Steel Lunchbox & Stack Tins

2020 is all about sustainability for Simply Spaced. You are about to see a lot of changes around here, including the tools we use in our everyday lives. Say goodbye to single-use plastics to committing to pack your own lunch essentials. I love this set of stainless steel lunch boxes, which make a great holiday gift. TIP: Fill your tins with cookies and holiday treats for a special gift that keeps on giving.

9. Inner Compass Card Set

If you know me, I am all about that personal growth game, and I love to share the opportunity for a little self-reflection with my team, and friends when they come by the office. Share this set with anyone you know who’s ready to reach their full potential in a fun and playful way. Each of the 49 cards represents a unique theme to help you awake the intuition and encourage you in your daily life.

“How you love and treat people will open more doors than you can imagine.”

– John Ruhlin

10. Simply Spaced The Book

Writing this book was my gift to the world and I worked really hard to make it jam-packed with helpful organizational tips and tools. Meant to inspire you to let go of more than just your stuff, the book is designed to help cultivate a home that supports you to live your best life. If someone on your list is ready to tackle 2020 with a mindful approach to organizing at home, check out the book on Amazon.

11. Knife Aid Knife Sharpening by Mail

My intern Ida introduced me to this awesome service and I love the out-of-the-box idea of knife sharpening by mail. My husband, a defacto chef in his own right, will absolutely love this practical and special gift.

12. Biba Hand & Body Lotion

I am all about that “one and only” product game, and this one-and-done lotion is certainly it. Biba has been my esthetician for over 10 years, and when she launched her full line of beauty products it was game over. I use her products exclusively and save so much time and money with this tried and true product line. Biba Hand & Body Lotion is the only lotion you will ever need and there’s no one who won’t love this lux lotion.

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