New Year, New Healthy Kitchen

Photo by Kelly Balch // Interior Design by Gabrielle Santiago

New Year, New Kitchen

Happy New Year friends and followers. Can you believe it’s already 2020? As many of you know, last year was an epic undertaking for me. Does anyone else feel like last year was a whirlwind? Among the many projects and exciting clients we got to work with, I wrote a book and became a published author. That was one monumental feat, and I am so proud of what I accomplished (my “word” last year was “flow.”) On the other hand, while it was a year of prolific creation, the one thing I didn’t focus on entirely in 2019 was my health. 

With a demanding schedule, and deadlines galore 2019 was nothing short of a sprint to the finish. I know I am not alone in this because so many of you have shared similar sentiments of late. Its absolutely and totally why I am rethinking “health”  in all things 2020. If you know anything about my story, you know that’s why I started this business in the first place. From working out to, eating well, to switching to cleaner products, my mission in my own “year of clear” is “wellness.”

This month we are rolling out a bevy of content from guest blog posts to inspirational eco-tips, with the primary goal of getting healthy in 2020. And there’s no better place to start than the kitchen. In fact, it’s the first chapter in my book for a reason.

What better way to start our year than an epic kitchen overhaul? I’ve been so blown away by all the posts, tags and shares from all over the world this week as many of you read the book and start your own year of clear journey. I’m committed to clean cleaning products, healthy eating, and plant-based everything in 2020. Cutting down on plastic and doing my (small) part to encourage healthy habits. This is the story of one clean kitchen to kick us into a clutter-free new year. 

“The kitchen is the epicenter of well-being in the home and a great place to start your organizational journey.”

– Monica Leed

An Organizing Story

One of my absolute favorite projects of late was a kitchen makeover with my dear friend, and (inspirational vision) Jaime King. Dreaming up an entirely new kitchen with designer Gabrielle Santiago, Jaime wanted a kitchen that would support her best life. From the getgo, one of the most important things Jaime wanted to do was clean out old toxic foods and products.

Many of Jaimes’s pots, pans and cleaning supplies were simply not optimal for her health. By applying our 3 step method to Simplify, Streamline and Style her space, we pulled out every single item in her kitchen, ditching anything that wasn’t in alignment with her new goals. Expired spices that are toxic in the body, good riddance. Toxic cleaning supplies with chemicals, Sayonara. We cleaned out the old (safe recycled of course) and replaced everything from her chemical-laden pans to overused plastic sponges. Opting for a cleaner, more sustainable replacement we partnered with a brand I can stand behind that delivers clean products with ease.

Jaime King in her kitchen with Grove Collaborative product.

Photo by Kelly Balch // Interior Design by Gabrielle Santiago


I started using clean cleaning products regularly about a year ago when I discovered Grove Collaborative at Alt Summit. Immediately fascinated by the idea of safe, clean and cruelty-free products that reduce waste and cut down on my carbon footprint, I knew I needed to try it. Fast forward to a year later, and you can’t hear me talk up this company enough to my busy clients.

If there’s anything else we need more of in this life besides more clean products, it’s definitely time. So if you give me a product that will cut down on the time you spend shopping (hello front door auto-delivery) and make it clean, sustainable and easy, it’s a win-win for me. Grove is a company that started as an idea between three friends talking in a spare bedroom in San Francisco: what if it was easy to find healthier home essentials? The belief that what we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel prompted them to make their idea a reality. It’s a story and a mission I can get behind. I use them now with many clients looking to make a conscious switch. How happy and homey is Jaime’s kitchen? Now it’s clean and green too boot. 

Jaime King in her kitchen with Grove Collaborative product.

Photo by Kelly Balch // Interior Design by Gabrielle Santiago

Check out Grove for more plant-based ideas and sustainable options to keep your kitchen tidy in 2020. Use the link for a free (clutter-free) gift! They’re giving away a Mrs. Meyer’s Home Essentials set with your first order. Take the guesswork out of your everyday products and start your journey on a healthier home.

Grove Collaborative bamboo scrub brush and candle.

Photo by Kelly Balch // Interior Design by Gabrielle Santiago

Kitchen Content

If you’re interested in more tips, tricks and kitchen inspo, follow along here all month. We’ll be featuring our monthly sustainability expert, Larkin Gayle along with an interview by inspirational health guru Lauren Rashap of Lauren Living Healthy. We’ve got all the pros in tow to support your clean kitchen journey throughout the entire month of January.  Feeling inspired to start your own year of clear? Grab a copy of Simply Spaced, Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life, and jump in any time.


Pull out drawer underneath kitchen sink with healthy cleaning products.





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