How to declutter your digital photo library

Tips to Help You Hang onto Cherished Pictures and Get Rid of the Rest // How To Declutter Your Digital Photo Library //

Written by Rayna of Rays of Clarity


If any of you are like me, you take at least a handful of screenshots per day. There is something that you want to share with a loved one, a cute quote that you saw while scrolling through your Instagram feed, or some item that you must have.  After the photo has served its purpose, it is not usually deleted and through automatic syncing and the cloud, this one-time, one-purpose picture makes its way into your digital photo album. And the end of the month, you have TONS of unnecessary or useless screen shots and photos taking up valuable storage or making it harder to find the pictures that you really do want to hang on to forever.


Here are a few tips to help you hang onto those cherished pictures and get rid of the rest:


  • Before you go to bed every night, scroll through your recent pictures and delete anything that has served its purpose (already been sent, shared, or saved to your Evernote folder)


  • At the end of each month, go through the photos on your computer or other device and get rid of the photos you don’t need.


  • After you send the screenshot to your boyfriend or best friend, delete it immediately.


  • At the end of each year, maybe as a little farewell old year and hello new year activity, go through your photo warehouse and engage in the same purging activities.


With unlimited photo storage and all sorts of other wonderful ways for us to keep our memories, lots of “junk” can slip through the cracks. Just because you have unlimited space doesn’t mean that you need to hold on to everything. I hope that this helps you to clear a bit of your electronic photo clutter.


If you’re looking for more digital photo organizing advice, read Google Photos: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

rayna mckenzie rays of clarity (2)About the Author: Rayna McKenzie is an intellectual property attorney and planner enthusiast who took her passion for organized, clear, clean and colorful spaces and created Rays of Clarity. Although she is new to business ownership, she is no stranger to the wonderful world of organization. When she’s not brainstorming topics for blog articles, managing an Etsy shop, or decorating her planner with stickers and washi tape, she loves to watch movies with her boyfriend and a large popcorn and dine out for brunch and dinner.


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