How to Prepare for a Calm Holiday Season

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the key to keeping calm is getting clear now. If that sentence made you tense, don’t worry — it made our hearts skip a beat too. For many of us, holidays are full of lingering anticipation which can lead to excitement, but also the heavy feeling of anxiousness.

While the autumn season is a time full of special moments at gatherings, divine comfort food, and cherished memories with your loved ones, it’s not always a piece of cake. The holiday season involves the added stresses of never-ending projects, chaotic preparation, and meeting expectations we wonder who set anyway.

It is important to focus on preparing your physical and mental space to tackle the season ahead. Keep your festivities meaningful and intentional this year with three tips to prepare now for a calm holiday season later. Or as my girl, Nikki would say let’s #GetCalm shall we?

Set a holiday schedule

Be ahead of the game. Creating a realistic schedule will be one of the biggest tools in setting yourself up for success. Plan a schedule that will fit your timeline and task list but also allow for your own pockets of peace. You’ll be spending time preparing to host others while respecting that crucial time for yourself. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your holiday events. Write down all the gatherings. you to plan to attend or host now.

As dates and deadlines come in, jot them down. You won’t be frantically searching for the time of a holiday work party or a present exchange if it’s already all in one place. Our team favorite is the Full Focused Planner.


Give your living room some love

Seasonal gatherings start and end in this high traffic haven throughout the fall and winter seasons. If you aren’t sure where to begin before the holidays, this is a great time of year to focus on the front of the house before extended family arrives. 

The living room is the area of family gatherings and creating those special holiday moments. Taking the time to focus on the living space first will be completely worth it when your schedule and growing to-do list start to feel overwhelming later in the season.

Start simple by creating a calm holiday atmosphere. Declutter first, but if you’re looking to add a little love, try a few styling tips to make your space sing:

  • Frame your favorite family and friend photos. Get in the holiday spirit by upgrading your walls with some updated images. Fall Fave: Framebridge or Fracture for simple stylings and go to gallery walls, without leaving home. 
  • Make your pillows talk. Give your living space an instant makeover with new pillows in seasonal patterns and fabrics. 
  • Just add plants.
  • Choose new lighting. Upgrade a corner lamp or add a standing one to add some cozy and calm atmosphere for fall and beyond. 
  • Opt for pretty paint. Neutrals are always in style, and we love a little seasonal makeover to make a splash. Go for a calming color like ivory, terracotta, or trending brown. Fall Fave: Red Earth by Farrow & Ball.

Do you need some musical motivation while you work?

Check out our sweater-weather playlist to #GetCalm for fall. Curated by our very own Nikki M. Marino. It’s a whole season shifting vibe. 

Delegate or Delete

You’re not a failure if you need to ask for help. It’s also perfectly acceptable to take anything off your list that just doesn’t align. Letting go takes guts. We often frame “getting help” accepting failure but reaching out for a little extra support just might be the best decision you’ll make.

Delegating tasks to your loved ones also takes the burden off their shoulders of feeling like they aren’t contributing to the celebrations. Lean on your family and friends to ease the burden of meeting unrealistic expectations and checking off an overwhelming list when accomplishing your holiday intentions. Ready to finally allow someone else to host? This is your time to decide it’s okay.

Looking for some additional ways to delegate for the holidays? Start an email chain asking guests to bring a certain food item that is meaningful to their holiday traditions. Create a chore chart for the members of your house the week leading up to the festivities. Give ownership to your friends and family over holiday projects. Don’t just be a taskmaster, be a project delegator.

Prepare now, don’t panic later

From creating a realistic schedule to sprucing up the living room, to even delegating tasks to loved ones — all of these pieces of advice involve calm. The most collected and calm people going into the holiday season are the ones that make time to prioritize their well-being and prepare for the chaos ahead.

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