How to Organize an Intentional WFH Office Space to Increase Productivity


We have all realized that work from home is full of challenges. Whether it’s kids, or loud husbands, or a total inability to focus until you’ve cleaned out the entire pantry (then ordered all the emergency supplies)… the struggle is real. But before we get to work, it’s imperative to carve out space that’s conducive for focused energy.

Here are my top tips for how to organize an intentional work from home space:

Connect with your why

Forget about the “what” for a second. Why do you need to do what you need to do? What motivates you, and what’s your goal? What’s different about your goals now than January? Write it down somewhere you can see it.

Eliminate the excess

You’ll hear us say it one thousand times, but clearing clutter is always step numero uno. Try out a trash bag tango or a ten minute tidy. Get rid of ANYTHING you don’t love, need, or use. And remember, it’s not just about the extra papers and piles. Start your organization by eliminating anything on your to-do list that’s non-essential. Check out this post for 15 things to let go of now.


One of the main productivity killers is a diluted “do” list. Stop focusing your energy on the minutia that you can and over to someone else. Ask yourself today, what can I delegate right now?

Design your desk

Seems so simple and yet 70% of the homes I enter don’t have a workable workspace. These days you can set up a wall-mounted desk on an underutilized wall. You can retrofit a closet. I’ve seen fold down desks that take up little room. The point is to designate your zone of genius and I’m not talking metaphors.

Simplify everything

Yesterday I redesigned our team uniforms. It’s a task that’s been on my to-do list for months and I did it in ten minutes. I took our new logo, photoshopped it on a black shirt, and passed it off to Holly. This is my new mantra. We need this reminder from time to time.


It could be said that “systematize” is my middle name. I like workflows, automation, and anything routine. When it comes to keeping up an organized office, I’ve implemented some automation that really helps me keep it tidy. Not only do I use a robotic vacuum, but I got in the habit of cleaning my office first every Sunday. The kitchen may look like a nuclear bomb went off, but a tidy fridge really isn’t the priority for me right now.


Speaking of priorities. One of my biggest hangups is a long to-do list. When you run a company and manage others there’s no end to emails, calls, slacks, and spontaneous singalongs. But we also need to get shit done. In my opinion, we totally over complicate productivity, by our inability to prioritize. When I plan out my day, I make a list of my main to-dos and list them out like this: P1, P2, P3, and everything else.


My best tool for staying organized at home is my planner. Lately, I have been loving the Full Focus Planner. Planning out my day the night before allows me the time to think ahead and pivot as needed.

Go vertical

One of my favorite tips for organizing a home office is the optimal use of vertical space. I like to keep all my tools at an arms-length but not on my desk. That I like to keep clear. Add some floating shelves, a wall calendar, or some hanging wall pockets to keep your corner collected.

Style your space

It doesn’t take a million bucks or an interior designer to set up an office that inspires you to work. Some of my favorite things about my new work from home life are pretty pens and a cozy chair. Think about how you can add some style and personality into your workspace so you can boost your motivation.




I help high-performers organize their lives. Follow for my 3-step method + the Simply Spaced life.

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