15 Things to Let Go of Now: Office Edition

15 Things to let go of now: Office Edtion

Anyone else struggling with the new “work from home” normal? “WFH” has become a buzz word over the last few months, but for those of us thrown into the fire, there’s still a lot to learn to get it right.

Although I am still figuring out all the productivity hacks (stay tuned all month), I am a firm believer that a clear desk equals a clear mind. Our environment has everything to do with our productivity. On the other hand, I know that’s a luxury not afforded to all. Some people have private rooms with an actual desk, but others are competing for desk space over broken crayons and decapitated barbies.

But truth be told (and I know this because I have worked with hundreds of families) we all need a quiet workspace of our own. Even a small space that’s free of clutter can increase focus and productivity tenfold. This is why my husband now works solo in the dining room in what looks like the set of “Between Two Ferns.” I digress.

Okay, so you’ve carved out your corner of the world? Let’s first tackle the clutter. Here are 15 things to let go of now, so you can kickstart your home office overhaul.

15 Things to Let Go of Now: Office Edition

  1. Books that don’t align with work and career goals

  2. Uninspiring art

  3. Broken, used-up pens and pencils

  4. Empty ink cartridges

  5. Old calendars

  6. Used notebooks

  7. Shredding that needs to get shredded

  8. Antiquated technology

  9. Old software

  10. Meaningless tchotchkes

  11. Broken tools or equipment

  12. Excess paper and supplies

  13. Cords and cables that have no use

  14. Dead or fake plants

  15. Fear of change


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