How to Design a Work from Home Office

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At Simply Spaced, we are all about spaces that inspire productivity. Our latest office transformation was no exception. This time, Monica tackled her very own home office.

To get er done, we partnered with our friends at Fracture who challenged us to makeover a formerly boring and underutilized office and turn it into a stylish workspace for two high-performers at home.

Curious to know how we did it? Here are our best tips for how to design a fun and functional work from home office:

Simplify: Declutter your out-of-control office

The first step in any home office makeover is to declutter. So simple so effective.

Pull everything out and group like-with-like. Let go of anything you do not love, need, or use. This includes paper piles, old tech and anything that blocks your creative flow. For a full starter list, check out our post 15 Things to Let Go of Now: Office Editon.


Simply Spaced - work from home office space

Streamline: optimize space

Next, once you’ve done your paper and pile purge, identify how you want your space to function.

Create zones based on your needs. This space needed two desks for two people working from home. It also needed a printer station and a monthly planning and productivity zone.

Next, Maximize space based on your zones. Here, we added new Elfa shelving, additional boxes, and baskets, plus a wall calendar and pinboard for extra productivity points. Implement storage solutions, based on your own needs.


Simply Spaced - create your home office space

Style: Curate your inspiring office

Get unstuck and reinspired by personalizing your work from home office.

Upgrade your basics by replacing old pens, used notebooks and old boxes with something new and noteworthy. We love our acid-free archival boxes for photos and mementos for a stylish and functional touch. We love all things, Sugar Paper like this wall calendar and pinboard.

Mix materials to keep your office feeling fresh. Think about adding some natural materials like linen, wood, paper, and glass to replace your traditional plastics and uplevel the lux.

Rethink your walls by adding art, wallpaper, or a simple coat of paint. Curate a gallery wall that shows off what you love. We added these beautiful prints of Monica’s photos printed on glass by Fracture to bring the outside in.

Watch the full makeover

Catch the full space transformation, plus before and afters in Monica’s very first IGTV video.

Alright friends, are we feeling good in our new space? Let’s all burn some Palo Santo and get to work.

If you are needing a little more inspo and some additional tips, check out this post on how to organize an intentional work from home office space to increase productivity.


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