Dual Purpose Dining Room Refresh

Organized and styled dining room

Can you believe we are already nearing the end of month one in 2020? We’re off to a roaring good start tackling kitchens and cupboards and setting ourselves up for a happy and healthy year. Are you feeling refreshed or already restless? It’s such a good time to check back in with yourself, to hit the reset again and remember where you started at the top of the year.

Today we are taking some time for a little rest and refresh with our friends at Article in one of the most underutilized spaces in the home, the dining room. In my experience, the dining room is so underutilized in today’s busy world that it becomes a magnet for clutter and therefore disconnection. From mail to magazines to boxes and unused china, I’ve seen this once-beloved space become a dumping ground for clutter and chaos. 

The good news is it’s an opportunity to take five and reconnect. What activities do you want to take place in this space? How do you want it to look, feel, smell? 

Let’s opt for a little refresh and take back control of this communal space to foster some connection. 



Organized and styled dining room


Before my mini-makeover, my dining room felt drab and outdated with minimal storage and seating. I didn’t use it much and never really felt inspired to sit down in it, to have dinner here or actually connect with my family. You know, look them in the eye. The room just sat like an open cavern with no real intention or purpose. Since the new year is all about being intentional, I wanted to try a little refresh to engage my sense and reinspire me to use this overlooked area. I really wanted an updated look for entertaining without a big expense and massive overhaul. Thanks to my friends at Article, I’m pretty sure I nailed it. 


Organized and styled dining room


To achieve this refreshed feeling I was looking for, I needed to really engage my senses. I am a very tactile person and I talk a lot about the significance of knowing and naming the materials that you gravitate toward.  For me, it’s wood, leather, natural materials, plants, and linens. Although I love the antique dining room table (a beloved heirloom I’ve used it on countless sets) I’ve been feeling like the outdated chairs have had their day in the sun. I really wanted to let go of anything that felt old, bulky and cluttered adding in a few key pieces to modernize and maximize the space. 

By simply replacing the chairs with some new Aloe Green favorites, the room feels lighter and more pulled together immediately.  


Organized and styled dining room


Adding in a new leather bench is the perfect extra seating for casual entertaining (and of course a new cozy spot for Lady). I particularly love how dark wood and tan colors warm up the room and add texture. It feels down-to-earth, calm and curated at the same time. 


Organized and styled dining room


My other major hiccup in this dining room was the underutilized wall space. As I see so often in my client’s homes, the dining room lacked optimal storage. This dual-purpose shelf and desk is the perfect addition to this small space and provides me a little corner for paper processing while keeping the table clear and intentional. I feel much better about this space by adding function to my refreshed space. 


Organized and styled dining room


I’m really looking forward to entertaining here again but I am mostly excited to put it to work for me and my family. Since one of my goals in 2020 is to connect with one friend, family or family member every day, I realized how significant it would be for me to want to be in here again. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to give it a little refresh at the top of the year. 

I really hope this mini-makeover inspires you to rethink your dining room and consider a little modern refresh. Article offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try out your new furniture. Check out more products at article.com.

For more inspiration and a how-to of the Simply Spaced 3-step method, check out my book online and in stores now. 


With love and gratitude,


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