How to Organize Your Bedroom Using the Simply Spaced 3-Step Method

Organized bedroom space 

What is the vision you have for your bedroom? Have you asked yourself this question yet? Take some time to get clear about what you want of your space and your overall vision for it. Do this before you start to organize it.

Understanding your why will help you to stay focused and intentional as you organize. I’ve got a helpful, free-downloadable worksheet here to help guide you. 

For a little inspo to get you started, I’ve partnered with some of my favorite brands, The Sill, Juniper Print Shop, and Parachute Home, to share how to organize your bedroom using the Simply Spaced 3-Step Method.

If you’ve following along with our Year of Clear challenge, you know we are focusing our attention on aligning our homes to support our passions and purpose in 2020. Our homes are an outward expression of our inner lives, and it’s my mission to help you get your bedroom in alignment. What are your bedroom goals for this year?   

“If the kitchen is the epicenter of well-being for our health, then the bedroom is the epicenter of well-being for our relationships, including our relationship to ourselves.” – Monica Leed


Organized bedroom space



The first step in any organizing project is to declutter and downsize. In Nicole’s bedroom, we pulled everything out and grouped like-with-like. Then we discarded anything she no longer loved, needed or used. In my opinion, this is the most transformational part of the process and always the jumping-off point. 


You’ve heard the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Therefore, once you know exactly what you want to keep, optimizing your space with intentional storage is crucial.  In Nicole’s bedroom, we added a tall standing dresser with drawer organizers. Next, we added slimline hangers to her closet and easy access storage bins for her shoes to maximize space on her shelves. Adding just a few selective hooks meant taking advantage of every inch and optimizing storage.


Once we decided on the optimal storage for this space, a key element was styling it to make it personal. Nicole had a vision of making this space calm, simple and quiet to support rest, rejuvenation and inspiration. With a new love in her life, she also wanted a space that was a reflection of her current wishes, dreams, and aspirations for the relationship.  This oft-neglected step is pivotal to well being, especially in the bedroom, so I brought in some brands I love to help inspire you and illustrate my favorite bedroom styling tips. 


My best styling tips for your bedroom:

Define your style

Organized bedroom space

Before you start to buy a million things that may or may not work for your bedroom, first identify your general style. You may have a very clear idea of what you like, or you may be an amalgam of several styles. After talking it out with Nicole, we decided to call her style “Earthy glam.” It’s a combination of her tendency toward a sleek glam look, coupled with her love of soft, natural elements that bring the outside in. After that, we brought in some beautiful live plants from The Sill, and an oversized floral print from Juniper Print Shop, we hit it out of the park.

Know your materials

Organized bedroom space

Organized bedroom space

Next, identify your favorite materials is another way to nail down the style of your space. Nicole mentioned her love for wood, acrylic, rattan, ceramic and linen, so we incorporated these materials in our selections. 

Showcase your favorites

Nikki choosing mementos for her gallery wall

You’ll hear me speak a lot about rule three. Display your cherished mementos and style your favorite special items into your room. Putting sentimental items on display, and personalize and warm your bedroom. Make it a space that feels comforting and connected. Nicole chose to pull special from her memento boxes and display the boxes too. 

Display with a tray

How to organize your bedroom

Another favorite styling trick is corralling special items like lipstick, perfume or essential oils on a beautiful tray.

Curate a gallery wall

How to organize your bedroom using photos and mementos

How to organize your bedroom and create a gallery wall

One of the best ways to make a house a home is by adding photos. A gallery wall makes it personal and can be a source of inspiration, connectivity, and sentimentality all in one. PRO TIP: Add in your favorite quotes, a special letter, photos of your loved ones, or an aspirational photo. Make it your own. For Nicole’s gallery wall, we included a very special card from her boyfriend. Photos of her beautiful fam and pup, along with carefully selected prints from Juniper Print Shop tie it all together. We particularly love the nod to LA in the Hollywood print and the pretty, graphic Poppies print.

Rekindle the romance (add flowers, plants or candles)

Organized bedroom space

Organized bedroom space

There’s nothing like flowers or plants to brighten up a bedroom and give it an instant boost.

PRO TIP: Mix real and faux plants to give your green thumb a break and maximize your time.  Better yet, pick out your plants online and have them delivered to your door as we did for Nicole’s bedroom. I have been using The Sill to simplify my own life by picking out plants online that can be delivered to my door. Gorgeous, healthy plants start at just $5 and they come in the most beautiful, stylish planters. Pictured: Large Monstera,  Faux Orchid.

Layer your bed

Nothing says comfort and style plus a good night’s sleep like truly comfortable bedding. When Nicole mentioned her love for linen, we looked no further than the premium bedding company Parachute Home to deliver the absolute best.  Breathable, soft, clean and cozy we layered in these white linen sheets and mixed in the texture of this french textured coverlet. The look is plush and polished and she (and her pup, Max) is in agreement.

While the bedroom can be a culprit for clutter, simple systems and styling can make it a heavenly sanctuary. Get it right and you’ll want to start and end your day here.

Organized bedroom space

Feeling inspired? I’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to organize your bedroom, all my pro tips, plus inspirational photos, checklists, and worksheets all compiled in my new book. It’s called Simply Spaced, Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life, now available on Amazon. 





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