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The year is coming to a close and so, I am starting to think about the new year ahead by focusing more and more on my healthy home goals for 2019. Top of mind are the ways that I can live a healthier, less toxic, and more conscious life at home. When I met Lauren Rashap, the nutritionist and eco home specialist from Lauren Living Healthy,  I knew immediately that we’d be friends. With our shared passion for the health and wellness of the family, it’s been a love affair and beautiful friendship from the get-go.

This month, I sat down with Lauren to talk about how and why to rid your home of the toxins and unhealthy products that diminish a healthy home ecosystem.  She calls her service The Eco-Home detox. Today she’s sharing some tips and inspiration for all of us to shift our mindset around pollutants at home, and to inspire us to an entirely different approach to decluttering. Check out our Q&A with her below:


Your service is called the “Eco Home Detox.” What is an Eco Detox?

Let’s start with some stats. 90% of our current health, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, is controlled by the environment rather than our heredity. Optimal health includes diet, exercise, some form of mindfulness and living in a toxin-free environment. The latter is mostly beyond our control, but the goal of an Eco Detox is to teach families how to take back that control and “clean” their own ecosystems. The traditional definition and practice of “clean” is not in reality, “healthy.” Sterilizing our home and workplace with cleaning chemicals and disinfectants actually harms our immune systems by destroying our protective microbiome. An Eco-Home detox rids the home of harmful pollutants that can harm your health and adds in healthy alternatives.


Why is it important for people to know about what you do?

I redefine the meaning of a nutritionist who provides dietary protocol and sends the client on his or her way. I believe that good nutrition includes lifestyle, proper food sourcing, and preparation. It also includes the soap you clean your dishes with and the posts and pans you use.


What are some of the top toxic culprits that our readers can rid their homes of now?

Some of the worst toxic offenders are found in the Bathroom. Clorox and full spectrum disinfectants are particularly harmful. In the kitchen, believe it or not, many pots and pans leach chemicals that go directly into your food. Cooking with bad fats is another no-no.


I tend to think the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home to keep clean and clutter-free, but what about toxins? Are there bedroom pollutants we should be concerned about?

Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it’s critical to remove toxic pollutants where you can. Poor air quality and circulation, metal coils in mattresses and box springs can be problematic. Candles and synthetic scents are also offenders. Opt for organic, non-toxic versions.


Any do’s and don’t for shopping for non-toxic foods?

  • Shop Farmer’s Market!
  • Don’t buy lettuces in plastic bags
  • Read the Labels.
  • Don’t cook with bad fats i.e canola!


What are a few tips people can do TODAY to get started?

  • Switch out your chemical cleaning supplies.
  • Replace your plastic storage containers with glass. It’s not just prettier, it’s healthier.
  • Check out your pantry for preservative and GMO foods and throw them out!


Can you tell us more about your specialty service and why should we know about it?  

It all started in the Kitchen! In 2010, my company, Lauren Living Healthy launched THE KITCHEN MAKEOVER, a full kitchen overhaul to remove harmful kitchen cleaning products, unhealthy GMO foods, bad cooking fats, preservatives in the pantry, BPA  plastics, and cans, aluminum/non-stick cookware, and appliances.

We stock the kitchen with organic food and clean supplies. We do a full demo on healthy cooking and storage techniques to reduce toxic by-products. Due to client demand, we’ve also come out with a private line a “clean and green”cleaning products as well as a sustainable and edible skincare line.

My specialty plus service is my TOP CHEF TO KITCHEN  placement for the individual or family that wants to take their health to the next level. I work with a talented pool of highly gifted chefs that I “re-train” or tweak their culinary skills with healthful, non-toxic cooking techniques according to individual dietary need. We also offer four weeks of nutrition-focused and approved customized menu planning.


How do our readers contact you if they want to learn more?


Did you mention an added bonus for followers?

Yes, get 10% off the first consultation (virtual or in home/office) for SIMPLY SPACED followers!

Thanks so much, Lauren! I hope our readers will take you up on this. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you in the year.

Stay tuned for more with Lauren in 2019!


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