No Mess, No Stress Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re anything like us over here at Simply Spaced, you appreciate a thoughtful, curated, yet hassle-free gift – not more clutter to stress about in 2019. We’re inundated with millions of options out there and shopping can get overwhelming really fast. Not to mention our reluctance to brave the crowds at shops and malls this time of year.

We remove clutter for a living, so we’re extremely cautious about what we bring into other people’s homes. Big on form and function, we’re advocates of clean, useful, clutter-free gifts. Work has us all in a big rush to finish up those projects before everyone heads home for the holidays, so we’ve rounded up some last-minute gifting ideas for everyone on our list.

Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced

The No Mess, No Stress Gift Guide is a no hassle, best of the best list of our top gifts and gadgets from 2019. We’ve included delicious sips for the wino or friend who has it all on your list, a simplified beauty line our co-founder Monica can’t live without and new products to streamline your everyday routines. Read on for major gifting inspo, and maybe even snag a few for yourself. Here are our favorite useful gifts and products from 2018.

Winc Wine Delivery – A Clutter-Free, Yet Personal Gift

Do you love relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day or treating your friends to a newly discovered vintage for game night, movie watching, or just catching up? Us, too! That is why Winc wines are at the very top of our gift-giving list this year.

Winc is more than your typical wine club. They’re a modern wine brand delivering fun and engaging experiences in every box. Does your brother and his boyfriend go for white wines only? Maybe your in-laws are always breaking out dark reds with smoky notes and cooking dishes to match.

No matter what your family prefers, with Winc they can customize their order. Once you take their Palate Profile Quiz, Winc’s wine experts will match you to wines suited to your tastes and preferences.

Winc also gives the gift of time saved, eliminating trips to the store where it can take a while to figure out which wine to buy. Because Winc creates a flavor profile for each user, they’re able to refine their recommendations for your next wines based on how you rated your last order.


Head to and use promo code SIMPLYSPACED for $26 off your first order. Or just click here!

Shout out to our friends over at Wine Glass Writer for the amazing, multi-use stocking stuffers we love to pair with our wine gifting!


Wine Glass Writer Pens make the best stocking stuffer. Three years in a row over here! 😉 Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced

Shark Vacuum – A Tidy Home Tool Perfect for the Holidays

We’re all about keeping things clean and sparkling for our guests (and our mother-in-law, let’s be real). This hand-held, cordless vacuum from Shark has a low profile and cleans up crumbs from party guests or pet hair from our fur babies quickly and easily. Pine needles around the tree don’t stand a chance.

We’re also loving this vacuum for client work, so we’ll be testing this out in client homes in 2019.  It also has a few attachments for harder to reach areas, like between car seats or that annoying space next to the fridge. Thanks to Shark for coming up with another great new product.


The Shark handheld Vacuum is the newest member of the Simply Spaced team. Let’s give her a round of applause. Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced.

Fuse Reel – Cord Cleanup Must-Have

We’re always on our phones, laptops, e-readers, tablets…you get the idea. All of our tech needs charging, and keeping cords under control can be difficult. We’ve been hunting for a MacBook cord solution for ages.

The team at Fuse Reel feels our collective pain and has invented a great little gadget to put your cord clutter in check. Their Side Winder cord wrangler lets you store MacBook charging cords in seconds and gets them out from under your feet, away from little hands, or furry paws. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer, especially for that friend who keeps coming home to a chewed-up cord that their cat has thoughtfully decided to ruin! Not that we’ve ever experienced such a thing (good thing they’re cute).


The Fuse Reel is our favorite new organizing gadget of 2018.
Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced. 

Viome – Clean Gut Guidance for the New Year

Diets rarely work for everyone. Each body is different and has different needs. So this year, when our friend Lauren Rashap, introduced us to Viome, we started thinking about our gut health in an entirely new light.

Viome has tapped into a level of well being with their microbiome analysis, providing a customized report that lets users know what foods to eat for optimal gut health, clean eating and what is best avoided. If someone on your list is always trying to figure out what’s best for them, this is a great gift toward those big health goals everyone is talking about this time of year. 


Gut health is goals for 2019. Super excited about this new technology to kickstart our health goals for the new year. 
Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced.

Biba West Hollywood – A Simplified Beauty Routine

Biba, an esthetician originally from Belgrade but now based in LA, has created a line of skincare products that you need to try – and gift! – if you or your friends are always after the next awesome beauty find.

Our co-founder Monica Leed has been working with Biba for years and her magic has transformed her skin. We’re so over the moon for the 2018 launch of her newest products and can’t get enough of her timeless techniques in her West Los Angeles office.

For those of you outside of sunny SoCal, Biba’s full line of products for acne, hydration, brightening, and more are now available on her website. Favorites of this line include the Onerta Body Lotion, Mandelic Cleansing Gel, and our favorite, the Glycolic Thermal Organic Pumpkin Peel.

A Simply Spaced Favorite: Skin Care Product line – BIBA.  Photo by Tess Alexander

Unfettered Home – Chemical-Free, Green Products to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine

We’re into reducing clutter not just in our own homes, but on all of planet Earth. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Earth has a really big plastic problem that needs solving asap. Unfettered Home recognizes that problem, too!

They want to encourage everyone to make their own cleaning solutions with their flagship product – refillable glass spray bottles in a kit with all the ingredients and a recipe to formulate green, non-toxic cleaning supplies.

After kicking ass on Kickstarter, Unfettered Home (whose motto “More Beauty. Less Waste.” = seriously love) also offers reusable cotton totes and produce bags for “waste-free living”. Now that’s a gift all citizens of Earth can get behind!


Less plastic and toxic cleaning products for 2019. Who’s with us? Super excited about this new clean product line by Unfettered Home. 
Photo by Tess Alexander for Simply Spaced.

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