“Sweater” Bin Storage: 3 Ways

I heard a funny quote this week that called organizing the “new food porn.” I thought it was hilarious, but I totally get it. Who doesn’t love a good “before & after” or peek inside a tidy office supply drawer? We humans have an innate desire to put things in order. We enjoy the thrill of a well-designed, well-organized space, just as much as we love the taste and smell of a plate of pancakes.  I have come to understand by observing clients, that most people have a burning desire to create order in their environments but lack the secrets to attain and maintain it. In the spirit of indulging a few organizational fantasies, I am sharing one of my favorite tools: the classic “Sweater Bin,” and 3 ways it helps maintain order at home.  Take a peek inside my closets, to see for yourself what a difference this powerful multi-tasker can make.


Keep Sweaters Tidy, Stacked and Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


ORGANIZED SWEATERS: If you’ve never seen these gems of the organizing world, then my friend, look a little closer. I love the design of these sweater bins because their high back and side support keep sweaters tidy, stacked and easy to see. Some of my sweaters are a bit slippery so keeping them together was tough before I started using these. Now, they are easy to find and always contained!


A Flip Down Panel Makes Sweaters Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


A flip down front panel makes it easy to see all the items inside, while neatly storing them together. Remember what we always say about grouping “like” with “like?” I also love that they slip right in under my hanging tops to maximize space in an otherwise tiny closet. I’ve noticed that this space is often neglected in many client closets, but a basic sweater bin like this has really helped to make the most of every inch!


Keep Linens Tidy, Stacked and Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


ORGANIZED LINENS:  Okay, I am not lying when I say I sometimes walk by my linen closet, and peek inside just to admire how awesome it is now that I have these bins to keep me organized. I’d show you the before pic, but it kinda looked like a dead body was stored in there, so I think I will stick with the after. The great thing about having an organizational system for linens, is that I use it every day. From towels to sheets, I am in and out all the time. It’s one place in the house where we all can benefit from maintained order throughout the year.


Pre-Printed Labels That Keep Organizing Easy // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


Not all sweater bins have cool labels, which is why these are my fave. I love that they come pre-printed with a variety of ideas like wash clothes, hand towels etc., and have extra blank cards allowing you to come up with your own system. I wish they had a bit more color variety, but the clean look works without being too jarring.


Keep Purses Tidy and Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


ORGANIZED PURSES: While these versatile bins have unlimited uses, I especially like them for storing and preserving my purses. They’d be great for clutches too, but I love that they are designed to maintain the structure of their contents. My floppy purses don’t fall all over the place. Side note: I keep old shoe-bags stuffed with newspaper inside them for extra structure!


Keep Purses Tidy and Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


For maximizing space, the sweater bin is a closet essential, with applications in a wardrobe or linen closet, even a pantry. Use them on the floor under hanging clothes or on a shelf but be sure to measure your space before purchasing.


Keep Purses Tidy and Easy to See // "Sweater" Bin Storage: 3 Ways // simplyspaced.com


When it comes to day-to-day operations, we don’t always have time to separate every item or remember where everything goes. The wonderful thing about this storage system, is that it keeps its contents grouped and labeled. It’s made a world of difference for me.  A home for everything and everything in its place! I’m even thinking of new uses for these bins as I type this. They’d be great for toys, plush animals, tools, and more. Let us know how you’d use them!

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