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18 Ways to Organize Your Hats


With summer right around the corner, I’ve been daydreaming of sunny afternoons strolling around the flea market, picnicking at the beach, lounging at the pool, and hitting the hammock. For a fair-skinned girl, like myself, and all girls for that matter, wearing a hat on any afternoon excursion is a must! One of the most common questions I get? Mon, how do I store my hats? Here are 18 Hat Organizing Ideas to get organized for summer.


Wall Art anyone?

Unlimited Options for Storing and Organizing Hats // 18 Hat Organizing Ideas for Summer//

The moment I track down this chic hat rack spotted at a Club Monaco store, I will jump for joy! In the meantime, DIY your own version with a vertical mount of something like this or this. Tip: Make sure to get an extra long accordion style rack, mount it vertically and make sure it has top and bottom pegs. And send me pic Obvi!  image via Style Beat Blog


No seriously, hang your hat.


Hanging hats in an artistic way can double as a neat conversation starter. In similar fashion to thee above, this wall hanging hat organizer is easy to install. You can snag this style here.

Stand and Deliver


For those extra special pieces, that deserve their own “moment,” a delicate hat stand is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve also used an acrylic stand like this. image via Anthropologie


Get “S” Hooked

Unlimited Options for Storing and Organizing Hats // 18 Hat Organizing Ideas for Summer//

We are big fans of using S-hooks for storing just about anything! Here, using an S-hook on a wall-mounted rod is doing wonders for keeping hats and accessories neat and organized. image via Styleizimo Blog


Do do hat drawers


Baseball caps are easy to store and access stacked in drawers. If you prefer saving the hanging space for hats that can’t bend or fold, I love this clever option. image via Welk Kept Space.

Keep it simple


With just a few hats hung on the wall, this corner looks simply stunning. Image via Amber Interior Design 


Use wall hooks

Unlimited Options for Storing and Organizing Hats // 18 Hat Organizing Ideas for Summer//

Squeezing some extra hat storage above the window or along an empty wall is a brilliant idea! I love this simple white wall hook that blends into the wall and holds hats perfectly.  image via Indulgy


Go BoHo


If you want to help your hats maintain their shape with macrame, check out this fun wall hanging.

Use a clothing rod hat hanger


This one may be my favorite and I definitely have it in my closet! Grab this easy hang hat storage option here.

Try this travel trick


Summer plans call for travel tricks. I’m a huge fan of this packable travel hat by Janessa Leone this magnetic hat clip for wide-brim hats.  TIP: Hang your hats from wall hooks in a stylish arrangement using multiple magnetic clips. 


DIY hat rack

Unlimited Options for Storing and Organizing Hats // 18 Hat Organizing Ideas for Summer//

I’m calling this one “drool-worthy.” This DIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack is so lovely, making any hat collection look incredible! image / tutorial via A Pair and a Spare

Be a cowboy


I love this car-mounted hat rack for sunny summer storage, on the go. You can grab your own cowboy hat rack here.

Store on the door


Loving this option for baseball cap collections behind any bedroom or closet door.


Store your hats upsidedown


Store your wide-brim hats on their head on a closet shelf to maintain their shape. I love this hat from Janessa Leone.

Go Vintage


.Unlimited Options for Storing and Organizing Hats // 18 Hat Organizing Ideas for Summer//

Using only traditional hat boxes is not the only way to go. Using vintage suitcases and boxes can be a fantastic solution for stylish storage that doubles as decor. image / product via Etsy

Make it a display


Streamline your closet with a combination of hat stands in various heights. I like this one that comes in 12″, 14″ and 16″.


Try a minimalist hat hanger


I love this closet rod hat, wall mount, or over-the-door hanger for the minimalist hat lover in your life. You can snag this one in black or white.


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