A home’s entry area is generally the first area I tackle with clients because setting it up properly will make a major difference in your everyday life.

Start this project by assessing the situation. Generally when things get strewn all over the entry area, it’s because they don’t have a clear or intuitive place to go. By taking an inventory of what typically gets dumped there, you can identify everything you need to create a “home” for. Write down all of the items that currently require a storage solution. A typical list might include storage for bags and backpacks, jackets, dog leashes, shoes, mail, keys and cell phones.
Next it’s time to create an assigned place near the front door for each item on your list. If you aren’t blessed with a mudroom or generous sized entry closet, fear not. You can still create a successful entry station!
Create a Successful Entry Station // How to Set Up a Steamlined Entry Station //
Sturdy hooks work well for coats, dog leashes and bags. Make sure the hooks are mounted at arm’s reach for kid backpacks and jackets so they can be responsible for their own things. I also love the Plyroom bench and coatrack featured above.
Shoe shelves, cubbies or labeled bins or baskets will do the trick for shoes. I always encourage my clients to store the majority of shoes in their bedroom closets so their entryway doesn’t resemble a shoe store. It’s always a good idea to minimize clutter by relocating items that aren’t in active use.
A pretty ceramic dish is great for tossing keys, cell phones and loose change. For mail and magazine storage I love installing wall pockets or simply placing a large pretty basket on your entry table if you have one. It’s also super helpful to set up a labeled bin or wall pocket for each child’s homework and school forms.

.Sturdy Coat Rack for Entry Way // How to Set Up A Steamlined Entry Station //
1. Choose which storage options will work best for your household, make a shopping list, and purchase your supplies.

2. Set aside an afternoon to set up your new entry station.

3. Try to create and clearly label a zone for each person, which will include a designated place for all of his or her necessities.

4. Make sure you inform everyone in your home about what goes where so they can maintain it. Kids especially love being included in the set-up process and creating their own custom labels.

5. Get creative! At our house, decorating paper luggage tags and laminating them is a big hit. You can find alphabet stamps and an array of stylish tags, stickers and labels at Paper Source. You can also try pinning a Polaroid picture of each person above his or her hook, bin or cubby.

Your entry area is the first thing you see when you walk in the door after a busy day. It really pays off to create a pretty and functional space. Happy homecoming!

How to Set Up a Steamlined Entry Station // Organizing at home //

A Peace of Mind with a Clean Entryway // How to Set Up A Steamlined Entry Station //


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