7 ways to label your cords and cables

I am a label fiend. I love labels. But ‘why’ you may ask?
Thoroughly organizing a space creates transformational results in your home and life, which is exactly why we’re in the business of organizing. We love creating peaceful, energizing spaces for our clients (and friends) to thrive in.

Using labels is not a necessity in creating an organized space, but it does have a magical effect. Adding labels to an organized space is our secret sauce for solidifying and maintaining the new system long after the project is done.
Cords are the type of items that are especially difficult to identify at a glance. When they’re tossed in a bin or drawer together, they all look the same. Adding labels to your cords will create clarity and ease every time you’re looking for a specific item.
Here are 7 ways to label your cords and cables so they’re easier to find.

Color-Coded Washi Tape to Differentiate Your Actively Used Chargers and Headphones // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Use color-coded washi tape to differentiate your actively used chargers and headphones from your family’s or coworkers’. image via May Richer Fuller Be

Label Binder Clips to Keep Each Cord Easily Identifiable and Retrievable // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Place a label on a binder clip, secure the binder clip to the side of your desk, and loop the corresponding cord through its prong. This will keep each cord easily identifiable and retrievable. image via Everyday Dishes

Use Colorful Cord Identifiers, made by Dotz Shop // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


These colorful cord identifiers made by Dotz Shop are super fun and come in packs of 5. Since they’re pre-made labels, they’re less customizable; however, the ease and visual appeal has us intrigued!


Use Sharpie on Washi Tape to Identify Cords // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Use a Sharpie to write down which device each cord belongs to on a piece of washi tape. It’s that simple. image via Daily Mom

Use Long Sticker Labels to Identify Cords // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Write on the far-left side of a long sticker label and secure it to the cord by folding it in half. image via Simply Organized

Use Printed Labels to Identify Cords // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Put a printed label directly on the cord to identify what device it goes with. This approach works perfectly for any cord with a larger boxed plug. image via The Realistic Organizer

Ziploc Bags for Grouping Similar Cords Together and Labeling That Group // 7 Ways to Label Your Cords and Cables // simplyspaced.com


Ziploc bags are one of our favorite inexpensive organizing tools. Use them for grouping similar cords together and labeling that group. Write directly on the bag with sharpie, or add a sticky label to the outside. image via Awesome Inventions


Featured Image via The Chic Site 


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  4. Julir says:

    Thank you for the help,! Great Idess to identify all my devices alto their corresponding cords.

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