the Brand

With a design background in the fast-paced film industry, I spent over ten years cultivating curiosity in the art of efficient space design, time management, and the power of organizational systems.

In 2011, life threw me an unexpected curveball that reminded me that a demanding career without a balanced home life will leave you feeling stuck and uninspired.

By consciously creating space and time for what mattered most, ridding myself of the non-essential, and “decluttering” my home and life, I learned that order was the catalyst for reigniting my creativity.

As a bonus, I found my passion and calling: helping others change their lives by transforming their homes and routines. My wish for everyone is the ability to transform your home into a haven that supports you to live your best life.

Welcome to Simply Spaced!

Monica leed

“Every person that comes into my office wants to know who put it together. I TRUST Simply Spaced implicitly and highly recommend this great service.”

-Shana, Universal Studios, CA