Top Ten Organizing and Productivity Apps We Love

Technology is mind blowing. We are so grateful for all the apps, websites, and tools we have at our fingertips. As professional organizers and busy businesswomen, apps keep us on top of our game. Since our mission is to share what works and to help you simplify and organize your life, we’ve created this guide, including the top ten organizing and productivity apps we love and use. All the apps included are designed to simplify your life. From apps that help organize documents and manage home improvement, to business must-haves, we’ve narrowed down our list to the MOST valuable tools for boosting productivity and keeping you organized.


Here are our top 10 apps for saving time, getting organized, and streamlining your life.

1. Evernote

This is our number one tool for capturing in-the-moment inspiration, to-do-lists, and project plans in one reliable location. I use it to capture a book a friend recommends, write a new “goal” when I feel inspired, or share a content plan with my business partner. For more on how I use Evernote to organize my life, check out this post.

2. Planoly

We love this app for planning our Instagram posts and captions in advance. This allows us to maintain a busy schedule and post to social media without the stress of multitasking.

3. Asana

This task management app is great for small teams. It’s great for planning project tasks and easily communicating in one location.

4. LastPass

Wasting time digging up an old password or resetting an account because you forgot it is the worst! I’ve wasted hours of my life doing just that! Store your passwords in a secure location and login to an account using one universal password.

5. Homezada

This app helps track everything from home improvements, home maintenance, and finances. This is great for anyone trying to manage the value of their home while making gradual upgrades and improvements.

6. MileIQ

If you must report annual mileage to an accountant or company, this app will make your life so much easier! It automatically tracks your mileage and allows you to categorize your trips.

7. Genius Scan

Quickly scan documents into your phone within seconds with this app. We encourage clients to use this in order to move towards going digital without having to invest in a fancy scanner. It’s also great for scanning receipts or emailing documents for work.

8. Grocery IQ

We wrote about this app in our recent “7 Apps & Services to Save Time on Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep” because it does just that! This app allows you to organize and share ou grocery list so that you know exactly what you need the moment you arrive at the grocery store.

9. It’s Deductible

This app allows you to track your donation and charity contributions in one location. This is fantastic for easily storing your deduction for your tax return. If you’re doing a big decluttering project and donating a lot to Goodwill or another donation center, this is a must try!

10. Rescue Time

This app tracks the amount time you spend on websites and on projects in the background. It also gives you a snapshot of where you’re spending your time throughout the day. By reflecting back on how you spend your time, you can create a roadmap for reducing distractions and boosting productivity.


REMEMBER, just because you hear us say “there’s an app for that,” doesn’t mean you SHOULD use it. Having too many apps is overwhelming. Choose fewer tools with more capabilities because that’s easier to maintain. Don’t overcomplicate things. Be selective, and only keep apps that enhance your life!



This blog post may contain affiliate links. If you use them, we may be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that we only recommend tools that we personally use and love.



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