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Written by Amy Volk of AmyVolk.com


After organizing homes and offices for over 8 years now, I have come to believe that there are certain habits that organized people have in common.  Rather than focus on what UNorganized people do to be UNorganized, it’s far better for us to learn what organized people do to get and stay organized.

This isn’t for weirdos like me who were born organizing their stuffed animals.  It’s for normal people like you.




1. Put things away after using them


2.  Open the mail everyday


3.  Throw junk mail away immediately


4.  Put bills and papers in files and holding places


5.  Keep only things that are needed, useful, or loved.


6.  Don’t hold onto things “just in case”


7.  Maintain the 80% rule in closets. Only fill up these spaces to 80% capacity.


8.  Don’t overbuy and don’t buy things just because they are “on sale”


9.  Don’t go for perfection. Instead, they go for done!


10.  Create routines for everyday stuff like the mail, the laundry, dishes, toys, etc.


11.  Throw out trash, spoiled food, and obvious junk on a regular basis


12.  Purge closets and drawers on a regular basis, like twice a year at minimum~around Halloween and Tax Day


13. Do it now! In other words, they don’t procrastinate.


14.  Expect everyone in the family to help out in the house. No one should have to do it alone.


15.  Finally, organized people keep it real. The magazines aren’t real life and every house with real people in it will have a pile here and there.  Just keep it in check and get rid of the extra junk!




Amy is an Organizing & Home Management Expert, Writer, Entrepreneur, & Speaker. She’s also a mom to twins, Mallory & Riley, and wife to Dave. She loves coffee and shoes, early mornings, crime shows, and travel. To learn more, visit AmyVolk.com.


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