Pegboards that live Outside the Box

Pegboards earned their “street cred” in the garage as the go-to wall mounted tool organizer. Now they’re used for everything from jewelry, belts, craft supplies, gardening tools… you want it on the wall? Pegboards have got you covered!


While these wall storage gurus are used just about everywhere, a new trend has emerged: the stylized pegboard. I’m counting down my favorite decked out pegboards that put the “rage” in “stoRAGE.”


Color Blocking Zoning your Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


1. Color Blocked Zoning: Using color to designate specific item categories is a fantastic idea! Each color can be assigned to a different individual, activity, or item type. via Brit + Co


Cut-out your Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


2. Cut-out Pegboard: This DIY monogram pegboard is a personalized storage option for all those crafty ones out there! via A Ruffled Life


Chalkboard Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


3. Chalkboard Pegboard: With a bit of chalkboard paint, this pegboard is easy to label the item categories or simply to add a bit of personalized artwork. via Save Khaki


Hanging Bin Storage // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


4. Hanging Bin Storage: Hanging these aluminum bins on the pegboard is a fantastic way to store bulky or flimsy items that are challenging to hang on their own. via Better Homes and Gardens


Detailed Design Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


5. Detailed Design: By adding a sea foam colored heart in the center of this pegboard, the piece has a bit more interest and personalized flair. via A Bubbly Life


Traced Items Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


6. Traced Items: If you have found the perfect way to hang all your items on the pegboard and don’t want to forget, here’s an idea! Trace the items for a funky and functional storage design. via A Beautiful Mess


Striped Mug Party Pegboard // Pegboards That Live Outside The Box //


7. Striped Mug Party: If your mugs are dominating your cupboards and you’re privy to stripes, here’s an idea that’s just for you! via The Clever Bunny


Featured image via Curate and Display.


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