Creative & cute nursery storage

Having a baby means gifts, gadgets and gizmos galore! Thinking about storage solutions early on can save time and maximize time with baby. Here’s a roundup of our favorite storage ideas for baby and beyond:


Brilliant Baby Baskets // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


1. Brilliant Baby Baskets: These hanging beauties are perfect for storing toys, towels, trinkets and more. We love this easy DIY tutorial via Thrifty and Chic, but bet you crafty gals could come up with a similar solution!


Bags Hung On the Door // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


2. More with the Door: This genius storage solution is functional on many levels.  Keeping toys corralled with like items makes identifying them a breeze. The grab and go system makes toting and cleanup easy, just throw it in the bag! image via popsugar


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 3 toy groups you’d like to have easy access to
  • 3 sturdy door hooks or knobs
  • 3 canvas bags
  • a labeling system (use luggage tags, fabric markers/paint, or embroidery)


Crawling Space // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


3. Crawling Space: This under-the-crib space is great for storing extra clothes, diapers, blankets and favorite toys.


Here’s what you’ll need to do:


  1. Measurements: jot down height, width and depth (save them in your smart phone!)
  2. Decide how many bins you need
  3. Search online or shop local (Target, Container Store, and Home Goods are great places to find bins, baskets and containers of all shapes and sizes)
  4. Label your containers according to use


Rolling Nursery Storage Cart // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


4. Rolling Wonder: Every parent can make use of this nifty nursery hack. Rolling storage can house all those things that constantly move about the house. Use it for baby shoes and clothes as shown above, or as mobile storage for diapers and nursing needs. We think it’s a must, and you can re-use it indefinitely. image via Glitter Guide


Pegboard Storage // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


5. Peg it and Forget it: Pegboard storage may be one of the best home solutions ever. You can cover an entire wall or carve out a small space for this storage solution. I like the idea of using pegboard to identify current or immediate needs and adapting it to the needs of a growing child. image via Mandy Busby Creative


Bonus points: Customize your peg board with colored paint and instantly update your nursery!


Sit and Stow // Creative & Cute Nursery Storage //


6. Sit and Stow: Forget chairs and bulky furniture. Storage ottomans are the perfect solution for hidden storage in any room, but extra practical for the nursery.  I love these adorable elephant ottomans via Chairloom. Who’s having a baby so I can buy one?


Featured image via Ledansla.

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