3 Ways to Declutter for Good


For most of us, the holiday season is all about consumption. We’re making sure there’s a gift for everyone while shopping like mad to snag 20% off all the things. We’re losing intention, yearning for a break, and planning a renewed sense of purpose in the new year. I am all about setting New Year goals and finding space in the promise of a new season, but we can get ahead by decluttering now. As we wind down this tumultuous year, we’re offered an opportunity to let go and shift focus off ourselves. I am talking about the excess, the self-obsession, the overcommitting, the mental chatter, the stuffed to-do list, and the clutter. There’s no better time to let go than before the holidays, with so many in need. Commit now and declutter for good.

Here are 3 ways to declutter for good as we transition into the new year: 

Align with a Charity

People always as me, “where do I take my donations?” One of my starter principles for getting in the habit of living clutter-free is to align yourself with a charity (or charities) that speak to your heart. I work with The Downtown Women’s Center, The Gooden Center, and Homeboy Electronics because each focus on a personal initiative that I connect with on a deeper level. When I work with and donate to these places, I see my things go directly into the community and feel connected to the process of letting go.

Normalize Regifting

Inspired by an initiative shared by my friend Yalin, I’ve committed to a tradition this year that never before crossed my mind. In partnership with actress Yvonne Strahovski,  star of her show, the campaign with Oxfam is called “Regift Revolution,” aimed at changing unsustainable shopping habits this holiday season. They’re teaming up with celebrities and artists to raise awareness and support by digging through their closets to regift some of their favorite items. Artists including Aisha Tyler, Alyssa Milano, and many more, are promoting an online giveaway of some favorite regifted items. By making the earth-friendly and budget-friendly choice to join the Regift Revolution, they are giving a gift with big sentimental value but a small impact on the environment. Are you ready to refresh, reuse, and regift this holiday season? #RegiftRevolution #NormalizeRegifting

Downsize these 3 categories to declutter for good:

Kids’ books & toys

There is absolutely no better time to sort through your kid’s closets for new and gently used toys and books that can go to kids in need. Find a local donation center that’s still accepting donations for the holiday.


This year has been a hard one and I can tell you firsthand that while many of us were stocking up and hoarding TP, many underserved communities went without. It’s a great time of year to do a pantry clean out that includes cans, bulk, and unopened perishable food items. BONUS: Take on your bath and beauty products and donate new, unopened excess to a local shelter or pantry.

Art & Office supplies

One of the areas that we see the most excess in client homes is art and supplies. It’s a great time to downsize for good and donate extra paints, crafts, office supplies, and art accessories to children and families in need.

Do yourself a favor and pick at least one of the 3 ways to declutter for good. Are willing to commit to filling up one small box today to help someone else tomorrow?

For more on intentional gifting, check out this post. And be sure to tag us over on Instagram with your takeaways.

Happy helpful holidays!






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