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Professional Organizing

Simply Spaced is a professional organizing and lifestyle company focused on clearing cluttered minds and spaces.

Using our 3-step method to Simplify, Streamline and Style your home, we help you shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed in a home that supports your best life. 

We offer tools, tricks, and space-saving solutions to help you live with less clutter in a home that inspires creativity, calm and purpose, regardless of size. 


Our Philosophy

  • We believe that outer order fosters inner calm.

  • We believe that filling our lives with fewer, high-quality things leads to more joy.

  • We believe that everyone can cultivate new habits that make getting organized achievable and sustainable. 


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“Every person that has come into my office wants to know who helped put it together. I trust Simply Spaced implicitly and highly recommend their great service.”

-Shana W. Universal City, CA

"Monica is f*cking epic." 

- Jason Momoa

“Monica is a world-class organizer and more important... her systems allow you to be too.”

- Eve Rodsky, Beverly Hills, CA

“Working with Monica was the best investment in Self-Care I have made as a woman."

- Sandy Chuan, Beverly Hills, CA

Mon's 3-Step method
to Simplify,
Streamline, & Style
your home.


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