NYC Professional Organizer Spotlight: Katheryn Keller

To me, organizing is like a game of Tetris and I’ve been playing it my entire life.  From helping friends and family get organized in their homes and offices to serving as Director of Operations at a financial planning firm, I think the art of organization has stuck with me because I wholeheartedly believe it creates an environment for success.
I moved to New York in early 2017 from Santa Barbara, California.  I have always loved NYC, visiting ten days at a time annually for the last ten years.  The energy here is definitely more my speed, but I think having an internal California calm really helps!
Some of the work I’ve recently enjoyed has been tackling a large scale organizing project for the amendment and preparation of tax returns for a high net worth family, facilitating a company transition of 40 years of paper files into a paperless system, and re-organizing and styling an author’s office for a creativity boost.  In clients’ homes, I love implementing systems that make the home run smoothly, dialing in closets for efficient use, and creating inventory systems around those *very necessary NYC storage units.  All of these wildly different projects are an opportunity to cut through the clutter and create systems that make my clients’ lives much easier.  And each is uniquely gratifying!
After a crazy New York day, I’m always grateful coming home to my tidy, comfortable apartment and I love working with others to achieve that same feeling in whatever aspect of their life they’re seeking to improve.



  1. You’ll often hear me say: Start a list / Put it on the list
  2. Ask me about: Simple daily habits for maximum efficiency
  3. Can’t live without: Spreadsheets / Weekly Planner / 3M Command Hooks
  4. Can’t live without while traveling: Music / My reusable water bottle (everyday, actually)
  5. Currently Reading: I just re-read The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey, Chris McChesney, and Jim Huling and am about to tackle The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York
  6. Most significant organizational Aha: You are the only person in charge of your stress. This “mantra” of sorts helps me stay calm. When I’m calm, I can think clearly. When I think clearly, I make better decisions and making better decisions keeps me functioning more efficiently in every aspect of my life.




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