Books: 5 ways to organize your library

Ever since I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in the good ole’ 90s, I’ve dreamt of my very own home library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Today, as a serious minimalist and major advocate for giving great books to friends and donating not so great books to charity, this dream is bound to never happen.


However, keeping a personal library organized, regardless of size, makes finding a book so much easier. Here are five ways to organize your books. With both classic and unique organizing systems, the trick here is finding a system that works for you.


Which library system are you most likely to adapt at home? Share below!


Group by Genre // Books: 5 Ways to Organize Your Library //


1. Group by genre: Typically when I’m in the mood for a good read, I know what kind of genre I’m looking for. That’s why organizing by genre or type of book makes the most sense for me. A simple way to visually categorize your book collection by genre is by alternating vertical and horizontal stacks. That way your eye can quickly see the beginning and end of each section. Image via Vogue


Sort Alphabetically // Books: 5 Ways to Organize Your Library //


2. Sort alphabetically: If your book collection is on the larger side, it’s best to stick to the classic alphabetical sorting. Whether it’s by the author’s last name or book title, it’ll save a lot of time if you stick with the same system throughout. Image via Domino


Rainbow Categories // Books: 5 Ways to Organize Your Library //


3. Rainbow categories: Organizing your books by color would work really well for people who have strong memories associated with visuals. If remembering a book title would take you days, but remembering what the cover looks like is a breeze, color coded books is the way to go. Image via Style Me Pretty


Separate Out “To Read” Books // Books: 5 Ways to Organize Your Library //


4. Separate out “To Read” books: Keeping track of which books you’re planning on reading may be difficult if they’re nestled in a sea of other books. By separating out the books that you want to read and putting them near your favorite reading destination, you’re more likely to complete your reading list. These low stacks of books under a bedroom window are great for using this typically unused vertical space, while being close to bed (the ultimate reading spot). Image via The Clever Bunny 


Backward Book Display // Books: 5 Ways to Organize Your Library //


5. Backward book display: Ok, so this isn’t the most practical way to set-up your books. Truthfully, you’ll never find what you’re looking for if you flip them backwards. If you have a collection of books that you’re unwilling to part with, but very rarely access, this may be a styling option for you. This way, your bookshelf can be a neutral color palette rather than a jumbled rainbow mess. Image via Trendenser


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