How to Edit & Organize Your Makeup on the Go

How to edit & organize your makeup on the go


Written by Michal Cohen


Hello! Michal Cohen here, AKA Michal Edits, happy to be a part of the Simply Spaced family. Monica and Melody are always asking me for some of my favorite organizational tips that I use to keep my life (and my clients) in order. Below are 5 of my favorite go-to’s:


I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly on the go. Not only have I learned how important it is to always be prepared as a working makeup artist, but as a Mom to a 3-year-old, it’s seriously no joke. If you want to relieve yourself of the constant headache of “oh man! I left it at home,” my best advice is to stay ahead of yourself. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and pre-pack your everyday bags.


Heading to the gym? I grab my Northface backpack that always sits in the trunk of my car packed with my spin shoes, assorted toiletries, a change of clothes etc. Going pretty much ANYWHERE with my potty-training child? I grab her Muji backpack that always has a stash of extra clothes, wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lip balm, tissues and disposable poop bags for a possible accident.  Visiting a client? I pick up my fully packed Dagne Dover bag that’s ready to go at any and all times with all things necessary for an appointment. Sure, its a bit of leg work, but this way I feel confident knowing I’m prepared and ready to go for most any situations that arise.

And one of the most important rules to keep in mind when pre-packing your bags is:  Whatever you take, you must replace! In other words, if you take something out of the bag, you’ve got to refill it when you get back or you’ll just be searching for it next time.


  • North Face / Jester Backpack: I love this bag because of all the pockets. You can keep everything separate which means it’s also easy to locate when you’re looking for it!
  • Muji / Backpack with PC Pocket: I love the simplicity of this bag. I can toss whatever I need into it and retrieve it rather quickly. I can also throw it in with my clothes for a quick wash.
  • Dagne Dover / 365 Landon Carry All: Not your ordinary carry all, this bag is light and airy. The interior also has an open space for large items, while the walls of the bag are also lined with pockets to keep things separate.



You know those little skincare and makeup samples you get at the counter?? Instead of throwing them out, keep your favs on hand for a toiletries or travel bag. You’ll travel lighter and more confidently knowing TSA won’t be able to toss them. Plus you’ll always travel with your favorites!

And just a reminder! I know department stores like Barney’s will give you a FULL bag of samples, but ladies (and gentlemen)…let’s be real. Do you really need all of those samples? Probably not. Pick your die-hard favorites and immediately stash them into your travel bag, purse bag or even your gym bag. Pass the rest on!


  • Sephora: In search of travel size samples? Just check out the impulse buy section (I.e. checkout line) at Sephora and you will find the very best samplers from every brand.
  • Sisley: The samples from Sisley are COVETED and a generous size. One of my favorites to stash in my toiletries bag.



If you’re not sure when’s the last time you got a new mascara, it’s probably time to throw it out. Did you know that Mascara only has a 3-month life span once opened? After that its time to toss! My favorite recommendation is to date your product once opened, so you know when it’s time to chuck it.

Look for the symbol below on your cosmetic products to see the recommended expiration once opened.


6M = 6 months

12M = 12 months

18M = 18 months

24M = 24 months


  • If you’re super OCD about germs, you can easily set a reminder in your calendar from the date you opened the item, to its expiration date.
  • Brother P Touch – Label Maker: Easy to use and handy to have in your house. A label maker is a great way to mark the date you opened your cosmetics and keep track of when to toss it.



I know we all love to have our beauty products in their perfectly designed FULL sized packaging, but really…who wants to lug all that weight around?? Not me! So if my favorites aren’t offered in samplers, I just downsize into smaller bottles or containers to access them on the go. Whether it be the gym, my purse or at work, I have what I need. And let’s be honest, packaging is always beautiful but you don’t need to showcase it around town to prove you’ve got it.


  • Muji: If you haven’t experienced Muji, you should. Or at least check out their website. They have some of the chicest travel containers out there.
  • Daiso: On a budget? Check out Daiso for some great containers.



Do we really need 50 million products to look like the beauties that we are?? Probably not, but it sure feels good to have all of them staring at us in the bathroom. So I say scale down to 10-15 max. I understand the temptation to covet that new and promising product, with its shiny packaging and alluring bells and whistles. But if you’re getting results with your routine, I say stick with it! Introducing something new may just throw everything off, causing adverse reactions like dry skin or a breakout. And who wants that?? Also when you’ve got an obscene amount of products, you can easily feel overwhelmed! You may not know where to start. So keep it simple and scale back. Remember, confidence is always beautiful. But if you still feel unsure, and seem to keep hitting the same wall. Let me know! I’m here to help 🙂


My personal top ten (can’t live without) products!

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