Pro Organizer Spotlight: Meet Deya Reece

 With a wide variety of professional experience, from set design, to event organizing, to fashion design and production, I thankfully stumbled into professional organizing somewhat by accident. What I have discovered through serendipitous circumstance is that professional organizing perfectly brings together my management and problem solving skills together with my love of styling and creating beautiful environments.
In addition, many years of raising my kids while simultaneously  running a clothing company and managing a vacation rental business has helped me to understand and relate to the real life challenges of staying on top of things in our busy modern world.
My educational background in Anthropology lends itself to professional organizing as well, in my interest in understanding, culturally, why we buy and hold onto things, and how we can learn to let go.
My values of approaching life with gratitude, kindness, and being present in the moment add to the enjoyment I feel in connecting with and helping clients in the not just physical, but often emotional work of letting go of our “stuff”, and assisting in creating a calm and lovely outer space as a reflection of our inner potential .


  1. You’ll often hear me say: “No Problem!”
  2. Ask me about: “My unconventional childhood traveling around Central and South America in a bus.”
  3. Can’t live without: “Books! I love reading and am a total bookworm.”
  4. Can’t live without while traveling: “My camera”
  5. Currently Reading: Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey, one of the father’s of the modern environmental movement
  6. Most significant organizational Aha: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


I help high-performers organize their lives. Follow for my 3-step method + the Simply Spaced life.

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