Organize Your Kids’ Art: Free Downloadable Art & Memento Bin Labels

It’s that time of the year again, the kids are back-to-school!  That means the influx of kids’ art, school work, and mementos is back with a fury. Moms and dads, now is the time to take advantage of one of our top tips for staying organized throughout the school year. We are talking ART & MEMENTO BINS, and we say, start them NOW!


After creating some fun art books from last years loot, we are really excited to encourage you to start art memento boxes for your kids preemptively! We’ve even simplified the process by creating simple labels for you to print at home. Follow these steps and create a landing spot for kids’ art and mementos!
Kids Memento Box Labels // Free Printable Downloads



1. Designate an empty bin for each child. We use these weather tight storage bins that can accommodate hanging files.


2. Pick up some of these Avery labels from your local Staples, or order them from our shop.


2. Download our Memento label template. Save it to a known location and open the document.


3. Place your Avery labels into the printer tray following your printer guidelines on which direction the labels should be facing.  Adjust your tray to the size of the labels.


4. Click Print 🙂


5. On print screen, set paper size settings to 4 x 6 and make sure “Fit To Page” is deselected.
 Kids' Art & Memento Box Labels // Free Printable Downloads

6. Set the number of copies desired and click print!



7. Now affix one label to each bin for each child and fill out the details for this year! So simple, so effective.

Kid Memento Box Labels // How to Organize kids art and schoolwork // Simply Spaced


 SIMPLY SPACED TIP: Using a designated bin for each child, sets limits on the overflow. A full bin is more than enough memories to keep for the year, and you can edit as it starts to get full. This will help you release the guilt of feeling like you have to keep it all, but give you the confidence to know you’ve made it a priority. Try rotating the art by hanging choice pieces with washi tape. At the end of the year, or semester you can sort through and keep the best. 
Check back in a few weeks to see the cool art books we made with Artkive app from all the kids’ art we collected from last year!
XO – Monica
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