Meet Organizing Expert: Melody Mesick

Hi there! Thank you for caring enough to click on over to this little “About me!” I’m flattered. 😉


Fun fact, I have 4 names. My full name is Melody Dawn Celeste Mesick. One of those names was a mistake and three of those names were inherited from my parents. You can call me Melody or Mel.


I live and work in sunny Los Angeles, and unlike most people in LA, I’m a native (well, kind of). I grew up 45 minutes north of LA in a cute, quiet suburb and am lucky enough to have my entire family just a short car ride away. When I’m not scoring the Internet for Organizing inspiration or calling Monica to discuss our ‘next big idea,’ I’m usually watching Game of Thrones with my boyfriend, decorating or reorganizing my home, or strolling around a vintage store.


Meet organizing expert and productivity coach, Melody Mesick

My main passion is business. I love the creativity of branding, the social nature of marketing, and the strategic rigor required to create a thriving business. That’s why I happily have 2 jobs. Yep! I do. This website and business, and my full time gig as a Client Development Associate at Kelton Global, a Consumer Insights and Brand Strategy Consultancy. During the day I talk to big brands about how to better understand their customer so that they can create resonant products and marketing messages. During the evenings and weekends, I collaborate with my business partner and friend, Monica, on how to educate and inspire busy ladies on how to get more organized.


I first got into Professional Organizing back in 2013 when I impulsively quite my job at a Lifestyle Blogging Company, and thought, “now what!?” I wasn’t happy at my job, but had zero plans for what to do next. To be totally honest, I started my first Professional Organizing business, aptly named Mesick & Co., from a place of utter spontaneity and…. delusional thinking. At the time, the only thing I knew about Professional Organizing was “group like with like!” I had no idea what the industry had in store for me, but I dove in head first.



Luckily, I quickly there after began working with Beth of BneatoBar, who taught me SO much about what goes into working hand in hand with clients to bust through their clutter and set up new organizational systems. Project after project, I learned what kind of obstacles most people face in getting organized and how to help them break through them. That first year was all it took for me to realize that helping people deal with their physical clutter is my personal avenue for helping them deal with the rest of their clutter: mental and spiritual.

Organizing expert, Professional Organizers Monica Leed and Melody Mesick

When Monica and I met back in 2013 on Instagram (I know, welcome to the 21st century. Ha!), we instantly began brainstorming ways we could help educate people on the transformational power of getting organized. We’ve been collaborating and dreaming up the Simply Spaced brand ever since that very first coffee date, and it’s been an incredible journey over the last 2.5 years. At the end of the day, my dream for Simply Spaced is that our work will result in making a positive impact in people’s lives. As I continue to develop my craft as a professional organizer and coach, I hope to help people breakthrough the things that are holding them back from reaching their full potential.


Thank you for joining us in this journey. xoxo Melody


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