5 “DIY & BUY” jewelry cases for travel

Have you ever arrived at your travel destination and found your jewelry in a tangled mess at the bottom of your bag? If so, it’s time to invest some energy in finding a jewelry case that will keep those delicate necklaces, bracelets, and rings organized.


A simple makeup bag is fine if you’re traveling with only a few pieces that don’t tangle. However, if you’re an accessories maven, it’s time to go for a case that keeps items separated. This will save you a lot of time sifting through your bag and will prevent your favorite jewelry pieces from getting damaged.


Here are 5 “DIY and buy” jewelry cases that will keep your bling nice and tidy while you’re jet-setting or toting around.


DIY Clear Pouches // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com


1. DIY clear pouches: It’s surprising that these pouches are a do-it-yourself. They look so professional! I especially like the idea of packing separate clear bags for each outfit. That way, dressing for the day or evening is a breeze. via Beautiful Kayekie


Removable Sleeve Jewelry Case // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com


2. Removable sleeve jewelry case: I absolutely love the idea of flipping through my jewelry on the road. These cases look beautiful and the jewelry is well protected. Also, each sleeve is removable, so you can use one sleeve for a short weekend trip. via Styleist


DIY Jewelry Roll // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com


3. DIY jewelry roll: This easy-made jewelry roll is a great project for crafters. It would also be a really adorable gift. The individual clasps are a brilliant idea for keeping each necklace perfectly spaced. via The Paper Mama


Leather Travel-Size Jewelry Box // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com


4. Leather travel-size jewelry box: Form meets function. These nifty boxes are a no-brainer. I’ve seen similar products at department stores, but you can find similar travel worthy options online. via Houzz


DIY Travel Jewelry Tin // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com


5. DIY travel jewelry tin: Creating a jewelry case out of a recycled altoid tin is fantastic for a light traveller. By adding just a touch of wire for earrings, this case is great for a necklace, earring duo. via DIY Network


Gem Genie // 5 "DIY & BUY" Jewelry Cases for Travel // simplyspaced.com



6. A New Concept: Last but not least, I came across this really unique idea for jewelry storage on KickStarter. If you’re interested in how it works, watch this really fun video via Gem Genie.



Featured image via Damsel in Dior

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